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  1. My previous Employer - A applied for an amendment in the month of April 2018 for a position in OH.I had worked there for 6 months and then joined Company - B in Sep 2018. Now I have received an RFE from USCIS for that OH amendment. Please let me know what shall I do in this situation. I am going to India next month and have to go for stamping as well..
  2. Hi Friends, Good Morning I have my H1B valid till Jan-2020 with Employer A.Employer A filed Amendment due to location change and it is in progress. Meanwhile I got a good opportunity with Employer B ,so 1> can i transfer my H1B to Employer B in Premium mode while Amendment is in progress? 2> Since i am planning to apply H1B transfer in premium mode, What happens if Amendment gets approved/denied after successful H1B transfer? Your help in this regard is much appreciated. Thanks in Advance
  3. Visa9

    H1B Validity

    I am on 8th year extension based on approved 140.I have got approval till Jan 2020.So now if i move out of USA and come back after Jan 2020, can i use these unused 2 years? I mean can i come back to USA without waiting applying H1B freshly. Thanks in Advance
  4. Hi Friends, Good Morning My I-140 was approved with Company A on July'14,2014 with Priority date of October'18,2013. I transferred my visa to Company B on February'17,2017 (after I-140 EAD/Job Portability Final Rule comes in to effect in January'17, 2017) and got the approval till January'12,2020. Now,due to stringent visa rules and technological advancements, i am planning to go back to India.I have few questions and your suggestions in this regard is much appreciated. Question-1> Let us assume that my dates become current in May, 2022.So can i come back in January 2022 and apply for PERM Labour,140 and 485? Question-2> Do i have to come back with the same company (Company B)? Question-3> am i cap exempt?, while coming back can i come with out waiting for lottery? I am sure i have to go for visa stamping. Question-4> If new merit based Green Card system come's in to effect before i come back to USA, do i have to secure enough points to apply for Green Card? (or)since i already have approved 140, i don't have to go thru point based system but PERM Labour,140 and 485? Have a great day! Bye
  5. Visa9

    Ds160 With Old Passport

    Hello Friends,I am Raj, Alluri and I am planning to attend visa stamping in India in last week of march.Trying to fill the DS-160 for visa interview.My two daughters Passports are expiring on 2017 July. I applied for the renewal of the passports in New York Indian embassy and which are under the process may take another week for me to get it and we are coming to India to attend the important wedding and we have 2 weeks of the time. Is it Okay if I fill the the DS-160 with Old Passport information and later Can show the New renewal passport to Visa officer?Thanks in advance
  6. Visa9

    Dropbox requirements

    so we don't have to be with the same employer..
  7. Visa9

    Dropbox requirements

    Hi Guys, My visa was expired last month.Now i am planning to go India to the same consulate where i had my prior visa stamping.This time i am with a different employer. Now the question is Do i have to be with the same employer that i had my visa stamped last time ? along with other requirements? Thanks in advance
  8. Visa9

    H4 Stamping in Dubai

    Hi Friends, I am a principle applicant and i have a visa till 2018 May.But my dependents visa was expired last year.I hope you all knew that it takes 4 to 5 months to get interview scheduled in India.I am planning to go India in November thru Emirates flight.So can i stop in dubai for few days and visit US ambassy there to get my dependents stamped? Please advise me..
  9. Visa9

    Matamoros - August 8/9th

    even i am going on the same dates
  10. Hi Shekar, Thanks for your reply.My US Visa was expired but i have H1B valid till 2018.I can get 7 days permit right.Just curious. And also do i get visa appointment dates easily? Have a great day!
  11. Hi Krishna, Even i am planning to go for Visa stamping to Canada .What Visa do i need? What is the procedure for getting visa ? Your help in this regard is much appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi Susheel, Even i am planning for Visa stamping at Matamoros. Did you got visa appointment dates easily? Do you need a Mexican Visa? R u going thru Mr. Salvador? Could you please let me know. Your help in this regard is much appreciated.
  13. Hi Shekar & Arjun Reddy, Even i am planning to go for stamping with Mr.Salvador. When i called and asked him about Mexican visa, he said it is not required to take visa separately.They will give visa for 7 days at the border if we mention about US Visa appointment. Is that true?
  14. Hi Friends, I recently moved to client A and amended my petition in premium mode.It was approved successfully. My earlier amendment with another client has been pending since 6 months. Can i go for visa stamping when my prior amendment is pending and Current one is approved? Your swift response to this is much appreciated. Have a great day! Thanks
  15. Visa9

    Money paid to Employer

    Hi , What happens to my employer if i complain to DOL . I have all the proofs of paying him the money.Does DOL takes any action against him? Thanks and Regards NagaRaju.P