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  1. yvt4612

    Green Card Renewal

    Hello, Me and my family (wife and daughter) got our Green Cards in March 2017. My daughter was 12 when we got our GCs. Recently, she turned 14. And, as per the requirement, I applied for her GC Renewal (I90). I checked the timeline and it seems that, it can take around a year to get her renewed green card. My question is - during this time, can she travel outside United States? If yes, do we need to get anything like I551 for her?
  2. yvt4612

    RFE on Spouse's EAD/AP

    Hi, My wife applied for EAD/AP on April 4th 2013. She has received an RFE on this. The RFE says "Please submit evidence of the principle alien underlying petition I-140, I526, or I-360 as we are unable to verify this in our systems. If the petition was filed under a different name and/or A-number, please submit documentation". Now, the question is 1. Since, I140 was filed (and approved) on my name, should I just send my I140 approval notice? 2. How do they get the required proof just by sending my I140? Do I also send my I485 receipt notice? 3. Is there any other documentation required? Appreciate your help!!! Thank you.