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  1. test1234_test1234

    Question regarding citation and Selective Service

    Honestly pontevecchio I have zero idea that this was a requirement , if I did I for sure would have done it :( I got my green card when I was 30 years and 352 days old so I am hoping that means I am exempt from having to register .. The other thing I had going on is I dislocated my shoulder in 2011 so in no way would I have been able to do anything physical ..... but that aside my main reason of posting this was because I honestly had no idea about this being a need. All I really have heard from people was the bio metrics and the interview and the fact that you have to be consistently present in the country ....
  2. Hi I wanted to know if I have to say yes to Question number 23 which asks whether I have EVER been stopped by a cop, does this mean also for a speeding ticket that I was given in 2009 which I fought and won via a lawyer , the case was dismissed and it didn't get put on my drivers license. Also I was on a H1 till 2013 September and got my Green card 10 days before my 31st birthday , I just learnt about the Selective Service requirement would I not be able to apply for citizenship? I didnt know I had to register :( ... Any thoughts or advice would be very helpful!
  3. Guys , I have my green card but have currently lost my job. Its been 4 months and I still havent got a new job. Next year I am due to apply for citizenship, I had 2 questions 1) Will I have problems becoming a citizen now that I dont have a job? 2) Can I apply for unemployment (if my state allows it) and if I do would it affect my chances to become a citizen? So would it be better for me not to apply for unemployment? Regards
  4. test1234_test1234

    sponsering my moms Green card

    I had a question i got my GC because of the ROW category (spouse was born in another country besides India (Bahrain)) does that help in applying for citizenship any faster ? I have been on H1B for 8 years does that help with the wait time between GC and citizenship ? Or do I have to wait the whole 5 years out ?
  5. I received my green card last in august and wanted to know if I can apply for a green card for my mom please let me know my options .
  6. test1234_test1234

    GC mailed but havent received it

    I got it in the mail on saturday !! I am so very happy thank you joef omshiv and so many mpre folk that helped ne do yall know if I have to apply for a new SSN or will it continue to be the current one i have?
  7. test1234_test1234

    GC mailed but havent received it

    So I called them up again and asked them for a tracking number , for which they transferred me to L2 support I waited some 35 mins and then a guy came on and ask me my name , number , address and dob then told me that I needed to get my finger printing done again as they didnt have it correclty the first time and so they will send me another appointment for that ... bit confused why would I first have a status update that my cards were mailed and now they say that I need to do the finger printing again ? he said if I dont get the notice in 2 weeks to call back and he would fax the information to me. Any ideas on whats going on ?
  8. test1234_test1234

    GC mailed but havent received it

    I called USCIS today they told me to wait 60 days and are refusing to give out the tracking information. they said after 60 days then Infopass is an option but till 60 days they will not entertain any questions ... not even give me the tracking information .. . I visited the local USPS and they dont have any of my mail held up , its sad that USCIS cant charge us another 500 $ and get USPS to request for a proof of delivery ... Just seems to anti climatic that I have to wait for another X odd days to receive the card ...not complaining just disheartned in the process ... Thanks guys for your quick responses
  9. test1234_test1234

    GC mailed but havent received it

    Hi , My wife received her GC via first class priority mail , however I havent received it yet ... both of our notice dates were the same and the card should have been mailed out together however I havent received my card yet. Any idea what I can do to find out about my card ? Is ordering a new / replacement card a painful process ?
  10. test1234_test1234

    Confusion around processing

    Well he is an immigration lawyer for sure and has been doing our applications for a long time ... I work for IT company that has around 14K employees world wide and in the US from what I can tell there are quite a few H1B visa holders , his info has been pretty fine , but I always fear about stuff that you mentioned ... A few friends of mine (that I know of) have told me the very same thing that their companies always apply for H4 visa along with their extension (h1B) , which is why I cross questioned him multiple times :) so that there wasnt any doubt ....
  11. test1234_test1234

    Confusion around processing

    Catx / Belle, My companies lawyer tells me the following ... 1) we can get married in the US 2) once we get the Marriage certificate she can then go back to canada 3) using "my" I - 797 (original notice ) and copy 4) My stamped H1 B visa (copy) 5) Our marriage certificate and because shes a canadian citizen can get her visa stamped at the airport / port of entry ... It seems like I dont have to apply for a seperate I-797 for her ... Can you agree / disagree (advice against the above) and articulate why the above isnt allowed ? The thing is I dotn want to push this lawyer too much cause I took up the case with HR and they co-ordinated a conference call with the lawyer and we discussed this topic in absolute detail and he said that just the above should be fine ... he even said that I was worrying a lot :( I hate it when people say that I'd be worrying about my career/ life if one is not to worry about something like then then I argue what should one worry about ... if the answer is NOTHING then i think the word should be deleted from OXFORD ;) I think worrying / being tensed is something every Indian seems to pack along with then they board they very first flight from India to the US :) Thanks for your posts , much appreciated .
  12. test1234_test1234

    Confusion around processing

    Hi catx , I already have a valid I797 and a stamped H1 B visa till 2016 , do I need to apply for another I-797 for her ? I was under the impression that she has to use my visa information (i.e. , I-797 + stamping on my passport etc) ... Thank you for the tip on the port of entry :)
  13. test1234_test1234

    Confusion around processing

    Thanks guys ... I had another question ... We are in a bit of a predicament ... she will be leaving canada for the us at the end of this month ... we havent gotten married yet ... so we are thinking of getting civil married in toronto over this weekend ... the issue is that she wont have a "marriage certificate" and so wont be able to be processed at the airport ( since shes a canadian she doesnt have to go to the consulate) ... so now given that the marriage certificate takes 4-6 weeks to come ... what are my options ? can she enter the US as a normal visitor ? and then go back when the certificate comes and get processed at the airport ? Ideally I would prefer to get civil married in the States (we have a lot of friends here who would come to see it happen) but im being told that its better for us to get married in Toronto and then have her do her paperwork at the airport , the thing is we dont have much time :( We've been engaged since August of last year .... just didnt think that "Where" we get married would be such a big issue ...
  14. test1234_test1234

    Confusion around processing

    Guys, So I recently found out that I may be elligible for ROW quota processing and I am not sure about what I need to do next ... So my current status is :- Single I140 Approved 3yr extension post 140 approval = approved and stamped in passport my priority date in Jan 2012 Next course of action :- Getting married with my fiance who is a canadian citizen but was born in Bharain I was told that I can apply in ROW quota based on the fact that she was born in Bahrain ... The confusion is :- My EB2 Application was done by my company that is I got my I-140 approved by my company and their lawyer ... so now that I have revealed to them my plans to get married to my fiance does that mean I have do my GC processing on my own or can my company lawyers continue to do this for me ? This will still be considered as a EB2 (employment based ) application right ?
  15. test1234_test1234

    EAD for wife who is a Canadian citizen

    Interesting , I have to research this more given that all the senior members on this forum are in agreement , would this be soemthing I take up with my lawyer ? Currently my paperwork is being worked on by my company lawyer. Thank you for your responses on this topic , very informative and much appreciated.