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    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    I got another call from Chennai consulate that they had not received my mail.Asked me to send again to ChennaiNIV.gov. with case number name and PIM in the subject line. Looks like it is under PIMS processing. Keeping my fingers crossed. I will keep you guys updated. Any inputs ??
  2. pawankr2

    221G Pink Chennai Tracker

    Hi Friends, I appeared for h1b/h4 visa interview on 16th of march in chennai consulate along with my wife. I already had another h1b from another employer but never used. I have been told as usual that I qualify for the visa but need additional processing and would take 8-10 weeksa and handed over the pink slip. yesterday I got a call from chennai consulate asking for scanned copy of my approval notice which I sent promptly.My case belong to day 075 and its already as week. Any inputs friennd , what does it mean if they ask the ask the scanned copy of approval notice ???
  3. Hi, I appeared for H1b interview along with my wife for H1/H4 visa on 16th of march. The VO said the visa is approvable but require additional processing.He asked me to go to another counter where they asked me about previous employments and sibling details.Told me that the processing will take 8-10 weeks. I got a call from Chennai consulate on 21st asking scanned copy of the approval notice, already sent.Anyone having similar experiance.