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  1. 1) My current h1b expires Oct 2017 and my i-140 is approved 2) I am planning to go to India Sometime in March 2017 and i may not return until after Oct 2017. 3) Can i apply for extension while i am in india? 4) What are my options if i get stuck in india ( personal reasons) I really appreciate any input.
  2. My i-140 was applied on sept 12 2014 and have the reciept number with me. I have been checking the status for a while now and today after the website was changed at USCIS i get below message when I input my reciept number. I have applied for H1b extension on Nov 1st. what could have caused for the system to display below message for i-140 receipt? Is this normal. Do i have to worry about it? Validation Error(s) You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the NCSC 1 (800) 375-5283 for additional information.
  3. jankshtt

    I-140 receipt number invalid all of a sudden

    @Citizen_On_High when did you apply and when did it get approved?
  4. jankshtt

    I-140 receipt number invalid all of a sudden

    I called the number int he message and you can hear your status over phone and the agent assured me it is some problem with the new system and nothing to worry about.
  5. I called the USCIS and they said it is a problem with their new system and lot of people are seeing it and assured me it was nothing related to the case status.
  6. It says 2 months on the uscis website. you can check it yourself here https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do
  7. jankshtt

    No updates on the H1B receipt number - PP

    i applied the same day and got a receipt number on 10/31. still the status says received for now. hope for the best :)
  8. jankshtt

    h1b extension and travel

    my H1b and i-94 expires on nov 20 2014 and i have applied for extension. facts 1) my company (x) has been acquired by another company (y) 2) the visa stamp was from old company.(x) questions 1) can i travel outside usa and come back before nov 20th? considering if my extension was approved. 2) would it be a problem at the border if i came back with just few days left? 3) what happens if my visa gets rejected what are options? Thanks,
  9. I am on h1b and my wife is on h4 visa. She has become very abusive lately. always threatening to call COPS on me if i don't tent to any of her requests.I tried counselling and it didn't work either. One she tried to jump out of the patio and some one called cops on her. What should i do to protect my self. Her parents are not helping and encouraging her more. I figured if she stays with her parents she may see things differently and calm down. but she refuses to go back and challenges that she will see something happen before she leaves the country. Can I send her back to home country? how to legally proceed to send her back . I need advice so that she does not get in to any trouble and also i should not get in to trouble. Please help.
  10. my employer took money to apply h1b for my wife and hasn't responded to multiple call and gets very angry if we email him to his official email. He finally said that the application got rejected and does not provide any receipt number or case number and does not give any details as to why it got rejected. I don't who is the lawyer and so i cannot contact them as well. My question is how to know if my employer actually applied h1b and got rejected or simply took the money and made a fool out of us. Can I put is FOIA request to know it or is there a easier way to know it. Thanks, jankshtt
  11. jankshtt


    @keepquite did you receive any response on your case?
  12. jankshtt

    OFLC Data reg PERM LCA

    my PD : 12/15/2012 Audit : 4/23/2013 Replied : 5/23/2012 status : pending.... I do not see my case number in the release data. http://www.foreignlaborcert.doleta.gov/performancedata.cfm Is it because it has only certified/denied or with-drawn applications? Thanks
  13. jankshtt

    Supervised recruitment

    What was your initial audit?
  14. jankshtt

    PERM Exceptionally delayed

    How accurate is the date on iCERT portal portal, my employer says they got a positive response for a case from Nov 2012 which got an audit in may and has been been replied in may 2013 itself. My PD is in Dec 2012 and got an audit in April 2013 and replied in May 2013, still waiting for a response. Is there anybody inthe similar situation? What should i do?
  15. jankshtt

    PERM pending since Feb 2012

    @s4m mine is also from Dec 2012 but got an audit in April 2013 and replied in May 2013, but did not recieve an update yet. what is your status? Is anybody else int he same boat? Thanks
  16. Hey Sree, did you get your labor got approved from the old employer?
  17. jankshtt

    ETA Form 9089 Audit

    Has any noticed how long it taking to move each month for Audit review in PERM Processing Times it is currently at Oct 2012. Ny application on Dec 2012. So just wondering how long will it take for them to go throught october and november applications. I know it depends on case by case basis but i am just trying to get idea of time involved. Thanks, jankshtt
  18. My Employer applied for labor in december 2012 and got an audit in may 2013. Audit was answered and did not get a reply until now. I do not want to wait anymore and see what happens with my application. What are the options, is it possible to use that priority date or a new application with new priority date has to be submitted?. Is it possible to expedite the audit process? Thanks, jankshtt
  19. Hi, My company applied for my labor on nov 15 2012 and got a query in may and they sent the reply and still no response as of date. Is anybody in similar situation? Thanks, jankshtt
  20. Hi, I am travelling to Calgary, Canada for H1b Visa. I need accommodation from 23rd to 28(tentative). Is anybody willing share or provide accommodation? . I will pay for the time of my stay if you can provide me a place to sleep. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks, Santosh
  21. jankshtt

    Reg Canadian Vistor visa for H1b stamping

    Thanks all for the replies i got my Canadian visa from NY .it took 3 days for them to process and give my passport.
  22. Hi, I am in a rush to get my h1b visa stamped and i wanted to know which canadian consulates allow walkin for a temporary visa. I heard from my friend that New york allows it, but not sure if i could get it done in detroit or Washington DC or some other place. Really appreciate your help. Thanks, a Friend. :)