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  1. I have a question. Someone entered this country with visa wai ver for 180 days at most in 1998. He said he got a green card through his employer paying fine for penalty. Do u know any case like this? My understanding is that back then lots of people left this country cus they didnt want to be penalized for not be allowed to enter this country for 3 or 10 years.
  2. You are so lucky because your labor petition got approved. You just need to wait a little longer and a good thing will happen. I have a friend who filed a labor petition by April 2001 and was present in December 2000. Although he paid $7,000 to his attoney he couldn't wait. He already left this country like anyone else did at that time. Sometimes it's better not to leave this country even if you are out of status. You never know!
  3. I guess you just need perseverance because you never know. I didn't know that you didn't have to leave this country before the 245(i) was expired and that JoeF didn't even know about it either. You never know..... perseverance is the key to it. Good luck.
  4. I guess that no one knew that you didn't have to leave this country and could apply for AOS when the 245(i) was about to be expired.
  5. I have two friends who left US before 245(i) was expired. They both paid $7000 to the attorney. One of them waited 3 years and came back with a green card. The other one didn't want to work in the related field anymore because he was not sure if his pepition would be approved. So he gave up on it after his attorney filed the petition. If I remember correctly, at that point no one knew that you could still be qualified as long as your were present in the US in December 2000 and filed by April 30 2001.
  6. Are there anyone who filed a labor certification by April 30, 2001 and was qualified for AOS still waiting on a greencard? I don't understand why there are still some few people who can be qualified for AOS?
  7. Hope u read the reply from one of the attorneys.
  8. I didn't phrase it right. You are right that Visa waiver is 90 days maximum. This indivisual entered with visa waiver in 1998 and overstayed and got a green card through his employer with $1,000 fine paid. So the conclusion is that those who left this country before the 245i was revoked could've stayed and applied for a green card with a sponsor and fine.