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  1. nani_ketr

    Dropbox - suggested

    Fellas, For last 4 times (H-1B) Stamping, I went to Canada. First time I am using India for my Visa Stamping when I was filling the application, I was asked to do a dropbox. I never used this dropbox in Canada (as its usually one day thing in Canada, you go and give the fingerprints and interview right there). So, I am trying to find out how are the passport return rates are looking for dropbox options now in Hyd Consulate?? Any clue fellas Thanks Nani
  2. Hi, Its been almost 5 years I went for stamping in Canada and currently the visa dates are tough to get in India. I heard Canada opened their borders for Visa holders to travel from USA. Does anyone know if H1B Stamping started in US Consulates in Canada? Nani
  3. nani_ketr

    H1B Stamping availability in Canada

    Hi, Its been almost 5 years I went for stamping in Canada and currently the visa dates are tough to get in India. I heard Canada opened their borders for Visa holders to travel from USA. Does anyone know if H1B Stamping started in US Consulates in Canada? Nani
  4. Fellas, anyone know current "Request for Prevailing Wage Determination" timeline from DOL? My employer just files it last week. Thanks Nani
  5. nani_ketr

    Wrong DS-160 Number

    Fellas, I was awaiting to get a date for Calgary for my H-1B Visa Stamping and been waiting for many days. However I suddenly found an open slot in Toronto. I immediately booked it as I noticed these dates are going pretty fast. However after I booked the date, now the portal is not letting me to change the DS-160 Number (I filled out already in mu account with the DS-160 filled for Calgary, not for Toronto). I did filled a new DS-160 application under Toronto (using ceac.state.gov), but I can't update my portal with the new Toronto based DS-160. I clearly remember last time when I went to Calgary, I was able to modify the DS-160 until the actual interview started. Any help please here... Can I just take a copy of this new Toronto DS-160 and take it straight to the interview? Will that work? Let me know fellas. Cheers!
  6. nani_ketr

    H4 EAD Processing Times

  7. nani_ketr

    H4 EAD Processing Times

    Fellas, Does anyone know the current H4 EAD Processing Times right now? Given the trending news and patterns about this H4 EAD stability issues, is this the right time to apply for my spouse who is on H1B Visa (for location changing purposes)? Please do let me know. Cheers!
  8. Hello, I am on my 7th year H-1B visa with I-140 approved in August 2016 and my current H-1B valid until Sep 2020. My question is, if I can move out of the country and wants to come back after 3 or 4 years, can I still apply the H-1B with an employer without lottery system or do I have to come in with the lottery again? Anyone know how this works?? Cheers!
  9. nani_ketr

    Toronto - Visa Approved

    Fellas, My Visa approved today at Toronto US Consulate. When I asked them to prioritize the stamping process, they said it will take time for clearance then i will get my passport. Basic questions: How long have you been working for this client. I-140 approved? When will u get permanent residency. Pay, what u do at your company. I got a quick question here fellas: I came to Canada using Canada Visiting visa and US Consulate is holding my passport for stamping. So, what if a cop or a border patrol (traveling within Canada in train) stops me and asks me a proof, then what can I do here? I got my USA Drivers License with me, but will that work with the Border Patrol folks? Let me know folks.
  10. Hello All, Can someone provide me the website to book the dates for H1-B Stamping at Calgary Consulate. The one I used last time is not working (https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-CA/niv/selfservice/ss_country_welcome). Thanks Nani
  11. nani_ketr

    Wrong DS-160 Number

    All, I just called the Toronto US Consulate and the representative mentioned either i need to cancel and re-apply the appointment or just bring a printed copy of the new DS-160 and explain the office during the finger prints and they will update the records. Thanks all fellas...
  12. nani_ketr

    First H1B stamping in Canada or Mexico

    I heard its always to home country for first time H1 B stamping. Good Luck!
  13. nani_ketr

    Any visa Dates is Oct for Calgary?

    Looks like they are releasing new dates every monday dude.. keep an eye on them. But for now the next available date is in december.
  14. Hello All, As the heading speaks, Can we use the filled in DS-160 for one location to attend interview at a different location? For ex: I filled in DS-160 for Calgary yesterday, but if I want to go to Hyderabad stamping can I use the same DS-160 to book the dates at Hyderabad Consulate? Please let me know folks. Cheers! Nani
  15. Hello All, I am trying to apply for my H1-B Visa stamping and I see the below dates today (Aug 30 2017): Calgary 22 November, 2017 Halifax No Appointments Available Montreal 1 November, 2017 Ottawa 22 November, 2017 Quebec City 6 November, 2017 Toronto 2 January, 2018 Vancouver 5 January, 2018 Will the dates going to change or will they gonna stay the same? I mean, whats the general pattern going on currently? Any inputs will be helpful fellas. Cheers! Nani
  16. nani_ketr

    Canada Consulate Visa Dates will change?

    Thanks fellas!
  17. Thats true though Sandy. Thanks man for the input here.
  18. Use Airbnb dude.. Much better than these shared accommodations!
  19. nani_ketr

    H1-B Visa Stamping at Calgary Consulate

    Thanks GC96!
  20. Hello Murthy Forum Members, I got a question about the "Employer Verification docs for I-140 Processing". My current employer Initiated the Green Card Processing few months ago and filed for Labour last month. Now I am in processing of collecting all of my past "Employer Verification" docs for I-140 Processing. Regarding that process I got a question, While I was working with an employer back in 2010 I met a very bad car accident in October 2010 and got bed ridden for couple of months and I am off the project at that time as I cant come in to work. I was bed ridden for couple of months but however I had to made medical visits twice every week until March 2011. I was off projects during that whole time. So technically I dont have pay checks for 5 months as I was off of project and I have to visit Hospital every three days. So, the question comes here: When I asked my ex-employer the Employer Verification Letter and he said that he can provide me the letter saying that I worked with his company until October 2010 as he can show the pay checks until that point and also he said that USCIS reaching out to Ex-Employers about the Employees Employment details once they file for I-140. So what is the best way to provide documentation for my I-140 processing for this scenario as my Ex-Employer cant provide a letter saying that I worked with his company for those 5 Months? I can get the medical records explaining my situation, but not sure whats the right procedure here.. Do we need a letter from employer saying that I (Employee) met an accident and he is completely bed ridden and cant work..! Don't know how to proceed here folks.. Appreciate any inputs here people.. Thanks Nani
  21. Thanks Joef for the reply. I believe I can get that now.. Thanks again.
  22. nani_ketr

    I-140 denied and 6 Yrs complete

    As he got this labour filled before his 6th year, cant he get one year extension as he can work on the I-140 rejection? No other options for this candidate just because his I-140 got rejected? Hey Varun I hope you are taking care of the issue and on other hand, why did it got rejected dude? Just want to know, if u r ok with letting us know.. Thanks.
  23. Hello all, Please do let me know if anyone in Calgary downtown. We can share the expenses. Thanks.
  24. nani_ketr

    Anyone staying in Calgary this weekend

    Hi ugandhar, please check your message board. I left a message for you with my mobile no and email addrs. Please Whatsapp me or email me. Thanks