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  1. sure u can. Just use the reschedule option to do it. Thanks.
  2. nani_ketr

    Calgary visa approved

    Hi h1bstamping, please check your messages. I left you with a message. Thanks.
  3. nani_ketr

    Calgary visa approved

    Hello all, I am here for 2nd stamping. No questions asked, just about why did I changed my employer recently and questions about the client and what I do there. Not even single doc asked. It went for 4-5 mins max. Good luck all.. Cheers
  4. nani_ketr

    Calgary - Sep 15 - H1B -Approved

    Hi ssvisa, Phase do let me know if you are still in Calgary. Thanks.
  5. nani_ketr

    Calgary - Sep 15 - H1B -Approved

    Hi ssvisa, are you still in Calgary downtown?? Please do let me know thanks
  6. nani_ketr

    Any way to get copy of submitted DS160

    Use the 160 no to retrive the case and select create new application. It will give you all the info u filled before...
  7. nani_ketr

    Anyone Calgary this Friday

    Hello All, I am going to Calgary this Thursday and I got the Visa Appointment on Friday. Are anyone going this weekend so that we can share the room over there? Please do let me know. Thanks Nani
  8. Hello All, I am going to stamping for Toronto first time. Any idea hows the rate over there and any recent 221g cases anyone heard of? Please help me here all. Thanks Nani
  9. nani_ketr

    Toronto H1b Stamping

    Hi Nikki, have you got your passport back?
  10. Folks, Hows Ottawa Stamping rate currently? I heard its little bad. Is it true Please do let me know Thanks.
  11. Folks, This is my second H1B Visa Stamping, And I dont see any dates available soon on other consulates except Montreal ones.. May I know how its been in Montreal consulate H1B Stamping these days..! Does anone know the approval rates are good or not so good..! Please do let me know folks. Thanks Nani
  12. Hello People, I did my Masters here in USA and during my OPT Period I moved to a Desi Consultancy firm, its back in 2009 Jan. However at that time I havent got any job from any client. Its a peak recession time and this firm couldnt place me into a project. Now I am on my second H1B Visa and I am planning to apply the Green Card Processing. However when I tried to reach out my employers for the reference email for my GC processing this first employer is not responding to my emails and phone calls. He is just avoiding my responses and it looks like he dosent want to give me any sort of reference. I am kinda stuck here and there are no one else from that company for getting me the required reference information. However during my OPT Period I did updated my University Sevis information with this particular company details. Is there any way we can skip this particular employment information from my GC Processing or this is a mandatory step for everyone. Please do provide your inputs folks as required. Thanks
  13. Hello Everyone, I got my first H1B Visa Stamped in Canada Last week successfully and I am planning to go to India next week. I heard that there might be an issue at the Port Of Entry while coming back, officers asking questions like "when you planned to go to India so soon why didnt you planned for the Visa stamping there in India, instead why did yo went to Canada".... etc Is it true that the Officers in Port Of Entry might ask these type of questions? And also I heard that, its better to land in the employers city than any other Cities....? Please do let me know, folks. Thanks Nani
  14. Hello Everyone, I got my H1B Visa stamped successfully in Vancouver on Jan 7th. Here is my story: Passed all checks and went to the 20th floor (main interview section) and VO called my no. Q) Give me ur LCA, Pay Checks, DL, EVL Q) Whom do you work for Q) Do you work for this XXX company in he same state DL issued - Ans) Nope, I work for a client Q) Who is your client Q) Whats is ur highest education Q) Whats ur Major Q) Did you used the OPT option after your masters and what have you done during OPT Q) When did your current employer hired you Q) Asked again the same above question Q) Whats your annual income - When I am answering VO is verifying my latest pay checks and LCA amounts (they matched) Q) What do you do at the client (mostly he didn't cared about my answer) brief pause - VO typed for 2 mins He said Visa Approved and gave me the tracking document. My Model: EVVC H1B: I am on H1B extn (got only for one year). Didn't went for stamping for the first H1B. Good Luck folks.... Enjoy
  15. nani_ketr

    H1B Visa interview appointment letter

    Yes, that is it.
  16. nani_ketr

    Jan 7 - H1B Visa Approved - Vancouver

    Hello johnycool4u, Nope, no questions on the EVVC Model and I dont had the client letter (I do have the vendor letter). Yes, its an F1 - H1 Stamping. Please remember the scenarios will vary to every person. Thanks.
  17. nani_ketr

    H1 B stamping in vancover Jan2nd

  18. Hello psinghvisa, Did you attended the Interview in India or in a different country, it will be depend on that and also three months is damn long time for visa processing. They should be let you know the final decision.
  19. nani_ketr

    Finally..got the visa in Calgary!!

    Hello ATM, If possible, please do post your profile and the questions from the Visa Experience. It will help for the people who are planning for the visa. Thanks.
  20. HI Radhika, When did you went to this consulate for the interview and can you provide some more information regarding your interview. Thanks.
  21. nani_ketr

    Can I submit new DS-160

    I heard that yes you can. Create a new DS-160 with all the proper and updated info and login to the US Visa Website and once you login it will give you an option to edit your basic information where you can add the new DS-160 number. If the above way dont help you, other way is fill it up and we can take it to the Visa Counter before the actual interview and we ask them to use this new DS-160 instead the old one. I got these things from online, lets hear for some more replies...
  22. nani_ketr

    Gross salary is less compared to LCA (Urgent)

    I believe you can use that retro pay and add it to the gross income (and I believe that should be shown in the pay checks too)... I am not an expert here, lets wait and here for some more replies...
  23. nani_ketr

    H1B visa approved @ kingston, Jamaica

    awesome.. Congrats
  24. nani_ketr

    Vancouver 10th december - Sugestion

    Hi Vimmy, can you please post the details which you have asked and your reply. I have a big difference of the no's on my pay stubs and w2. Thanks