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  1. Hello all I have a related question as well... (Zyack sorry to piggy ride on yours) - I am an LPR since Aug 2010 and planning to marry my fiance who is on F1 - Her grad school finishes in Dec 2012 (although her visa is valid through 2015) - We are planning to get married in Aug/Sep 2012 here in the US Questions - Does the wedding negatively impact her current F1 status or if she plans to extend it by continuing her education deyond Dec 2012? - Does it negatively impact when/if she applies for her OPT in/after Dec 2012? - Does it negatively impact when she applies for a H1B in future? - What other avenues can we pursue so she can continue to live in US till I am due for citizenship in the next 3 years? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks JoeF for the response. Can anyone please comment on the viability of a TN-1 visa for my case, its pros and cons? Thanks!
  3. Hello senior members I got my GC approved under EB1 MM almost an year ago. Now I am pursuing an arranged marriage with a Canadian citizen girl. If I am reading this right I should apply under 'F2A category - Spouse of LPR" and the Jul11 visa bulletin says the PD is Mar2008. - Does this mean I am looking at 3-4 year horizon before she can legally move to US? - Does cross-chargeability apply based on her country of birth or citizenship as in case of EB based applications? - What other viable options exist besides H1/L1/F1? Thanks and please advise