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  1. Hi,

    We are planning India travel in June and will be going for H1(husband) + H4 (me) stamping. Recently got his H1B extn for 1 year with approved I140.

    I'm currently on F1 CPT . Previously, I did Certificate programs from UCLA extn on F1 and worked on 1 year OPT. 

    What questions can I expect during H4 stamping and what documents need I take with me

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi,

    My spouse's I140 is approved recently.His employer is filing for H1 extension based on I140. Im currently on  OPT EAD valid till MArch 2019. Can his employer file for H1 extension + my COS  F1 OPT EAD to H4 + H4 EAD together?

    Should I stop working as soon as USCIS receive my COS application or can I work till I receive COS approval?

    Will COS approval  and H4 EAD be processed simultaneously or will there be any delay between these two?

    Thanks in advance 

  3. Hi,

    I am in my 6th year of H1B. Max out in March 2019. I work for company A and they haven't filed PERM yet. Company A prolonged it so long and they are saying they will file next month (PWD & Job Advt done) . Meanwhile, company B is ready to do my GC starting next month.

    I do have obligation with company B to do H1B transfer and start working for them. Also worried if company A might revoke H1B , after I put paper with company A .

    Is it possible to have 2 simultaneous GC proccessing ? What is good choice of action in this scenario.

    Any help is highly appreciated.



  4. Hi,

    How much will be total cost for Green card process - right from Applying for Prewailing wages to filing I485. Assuming Normal processing and non-audited cases.

    Also what is time frame for the Advertisement campaign, how long does it take for employer to complete this step ?



  5. Hi,
    My COS for H4 to F1 got approved in July. I have enrolled full time for Summer2017(June-Sept) and will be doing the same in Fall 2017 and  Winter 2018 (Jan-March) with which I complete 9 months of consecutive study in F1. This is for a certificate program 

    When is the earliest I can apply for 1 year OPT ? Can I apply in Jan beginning with a request date for April beginning considering USCIS takes 3 months to process EAD and by April I would have finished my studies ?

    or should I apply OPT in April beginning because that is when I complete 9 months of consecutive study in F1  ? 

    I am little confused and would like to know in general which is the correct way ? Will be talking to my DSO as well. 

    Thanks in Advance.

  6. My I20 (start date Jan 2017)  was issued on Nov 7,2016. However, my COS application (H4 to F1) reached USCIS on Dec 29, 2016.  Since I dint get any decision(still pending) on my application by Jan , DSO had deferred the start and gave me new I20 with start date April, 2017. 

    I just came to know through this forum post that any I20 submitted 30 days after it is issued is invalid.Is it true in my case? Is there a possibility of denial because of this or will I get RFE from USCIS for this?

    Now that I have new I20, is there a way to send this new I20 to USCIS?

    Appreciate ur inputs.



  7. Hi,

    I am H4. Applied to a college here and received my I20. Im travelling to India next week and back on December 1st week. Not planning to go for stamping in India this time . Im planning to apply for COS from H4 to F1 once Im back here . College starts in Jan.

    Will there be any issues/questions regarding this at POE? I have valid H4 till July 2017.

    Thanks in Advance.

  8. Hi,

    My husband is on H1B with valid visa till July 2017. My husband's company has initiated Green Card Process.Yet to submit the documents for Labor Certification through PERM process. We are travelling to India this Nov-Dec. Is it better to submit the document before the travel or after coming back from India?

    If we submit the documents now, Will there be any questions at POE regarding this?

    Thanks in Advance.


  9. I have H1B visa stamped from Company A until July 2017. Now Changed to company B and got approved I797 until June 2017. H4 extension was not applied since they have valid visa until July 2017.

    Now planning to travel to India with family. Is it mandatory to get visa stamping ? 
    Checked with company attorney, he says not required.
    Is it OK to travel to India just with new I797 and with h4 visa extension not applied ?

  10. Hi,


    Husband H1B transfer got RFE on May 20, 2016. They havent yet replied for RFE . Waiting for some docs and planning to reply soon.


    His Employer didnt apply for H4 extension since H4 visa & I94 is valid July,2017. Im planning to Apply for H4 to F1 COS next month.


    Will it be an issue if I apply for H4 to F1 now ? Also will there be any problem in future when they process my husband's GC , since I will be on F1 ?


    Thanks in advance.


  11. Hi,

    I'm working on H1-B for my current employer A for the last 1 year. I've pay stubs for the entire period till today. Recently, my client location got changed & we moved to a different address within the same county. My employer A has applied for H1B amendment petition and we are awaiting for receipt number in the next few days. 

    Now, employer B is willing to recruit me and is planning to file for my H1B transfer after a week. By that time, USCIS might have got the previous amendment petition & all be in progress. Both will collide with each other if they are since both are premium processing. My question is -

    Can Employer B file for H1B transfer while the amendment is in progress? Because I won't have the I797 for the amendment while they transfer.

    Or, should we wait for 2 more months for amendment to be done and my employer A to issue 2 month pay stubs for the new client location city?

    How does status get determined in this case?

  12. Hi,


    I'm on H4 visa in US valid till July 2017 (Both I94 and Visa ). My Employer is filing for my(fresh) H1B this April 1st, 2015. I have travel plans to India in August 2015(2 weeks)  for personal reasons .


    Assuming my petition gets selected in lottery,


    1. Whats the best way for filing my fresh H1B petition- with or without COS? If its without COS, then do I need to go for stamping before I start work in Oct 2015?  


    2. What will be the implications if my petition is still pending / Approved when I'm in India? 


    3. What will be the procedure if I travel back on H4  in Aug 2015 and then to apply for change of status from H4 to H1B ? What will be time frame for this ? Can this be done in premium ? 


    Thanks in advance.


  13. I came to US through company A with visa stamping from company A and then i changed to company B.


    I have a couple of questions.


    1. If I travel to India now,  Is it a must that I should come back to US with Visa stamping through company B. My Visa(company A) is valid till July 2015.and  I797 (company B) is valid till Feb 2015.


    2.In company B, there was some project uncertainty so I approached another company C and they initiated H1B through premium process and  receipt no also received. The company C is now setting some demands and asking if I am willing to join? 


    Please advice me in this situation is it advisable to take a India trip. 


    If I travel after my H1B is transferred to company C, will it be an issue during Stamping in India with company B petition and at the Port of Entry in USA?


    Thanks in advance.


  14. Hi,


    I'm working with company A. I got an offer from company B and they are going to transfer my H1B. I'm planning to visit India after H1B is approved from company B and then join company B AFTER coming back from India.


    Will there be any questions on port of Entry while coming back from India, if I have my new approved H1B but still working with old employer.


    Also Can I show them just the old H1B receipt or is the new H1B receipt is also required? 



  15. My passport is expiring this December , 2014. I live in Irvine and need to courier the documents to SFO - BLS India. 


    Here are couple of questions I have.


    1. Do I need to have 6 months validity in Passport to travel to India? 


    2.Is it better to go in person and submit the Application or is it sage to send the application through Postal. 




  16. Hi,


    I am currently with company A. Got an offer from company B. But I didn't like the policies & HR approach     of company B. They have filed my LCA and it is certified now. Since there was some discomfort I am not willing to join company B. 


    And I also have an offer from company C and they have  filed my H1B transfer petition. Currently waiting for my receipt number.


    I informed company B to hold the process for somedays. After I informed them ,HR is threatening me that if I don't start work for them on specific date ,my visa will get affected. Also I cannot leave US now and If I return I'm liable to the company. He also says that since I have signed and sent the scanned copy of Offer Letter, he says I have to pay him million of dollars money to him. They also claim that they have processed my H1B petition but when I ask for the Fedex number/Cheque number of filing, he says due to company policy, he cannot reveal them.


    How do I handle this situation? Can the company B take any legal actions against me?

    Need your advice.



  17. Hi,


    I am currently working for Employer X on H1b . I got an offer from new employer Y and they posted LCA now. In few days they would start processing H1b transfer. Now, I also have an offer from employer Z , who is ready to process H1b transfer. 


    To be on the safer side, I want both my new employers Y & Z to process the H1b transfer. Is it legal to have 2 H1b at the same time?



  18. I got H1b visa from X company but I dint travel . I joined Y company. H1B got transfered to Y company and travelled to US and back to India. Now I am with Z company. Here also H1B transfered and extended til 2015.

    A company in US has offered me a job and they are ready to file a petition for transfer.

    If petition is approved, am I eligible to enter US without stamping for the new employer?

    or do I have to go for stamping again in India and enter US?

    Pls give your thoughts on this..