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  1. ashukla

    Employment Based greencard

    Just to be on safe side and under any unfortunate instance if your H1B does not get pick next year in your last chance then simply move to an F1 Visa again, join any other course avail the CPT from day1. Bottom line you can file your GC but you need some other visa to stay and work legally in this country.
  2. Passport delivery services do not have any information you really need to contact the embassy through their communication channel, sometime things simply gets missed so better you contact embassy and figure it out.
  3. Normal processing time is 3-5 business days...so you still need to wait for the normal processing as there were some US holidays as well, donty worry its just the matter of time, you should be good.
  4. ashukla

    221G Blue Slip without asking for any document

    Sorry to hear about your situation and trust me there are many more who are sailing on this 21 plague boat. Usually H1B denials are mainly because of employer credibility or some dots are missing to draw a conclusion. So nothing wrong with you or your credentials. They might have contacted or in process of contacting your client to get to know about your roles and responsibilities, on a different note if it is more than 8 weeks then I would not suggest to keep any high hopes although there is a chance but very thin, with no defined time line to get an outcome. You may try to find another employer who is ready to file a new petition then reappear for a visa interview.
  5. ashukla

    Return to US after Denial in Canada??

    No you cannot comeback if you have appeared for a visa interview and it gets denied, revalidation is only applicable if you have not appeared for any visa interview. Your existing visa if any present will be cancelled for sure, don't let any second thought to take over.
  6. No you cannot, your existing visa will be cancelled and stamped with CWOP irrespective of your interview outcome. I would say avoid the risk of stamping and travel on your existing visa before September 2018.
  7. ashukla

    H1B travel after 221(g)

    Nope don't even try that, when 221G issued most probably they going to keep your I797, which required at POE, even for a chance they didn't then also your case status may flag up at POE which will lead to serious consequences.
  8. ashukla

    H1B 221(g) CIL & Position availability query

    There are many folks or companies who do not issue client letter, at max they can give the details in an email from your immediate supervisor who is expected to be full time employee with them. SOW between employer and client should work and you can explain that client do not produce any letters.
  9. First of all you should consider your self lucky in this unlucky scenario that at least they are working on your case promptly, I know some folks got stuck with no clue for months, unfortunately there is no fixed time line any one can suggest on this, although looking at the pace on your case you should hear something positive within 2-3 weeks. Good Luck
  10. ashukla

    In OPT Status India Travel ..H1 applied

    Considering you have not received your H1B receipt so you are sailing on the boat of COS, although its advisable not to travel during this time period so I would recommend avoid travel if you can. If not at all possible then yes you can travel and come till your visa validity along with the current status. Window of couple of months would be great if you can manage.
  11. ashukla

    DS 160 - Monthly Salary

    Salary only, bonuses may vary or may not available every year.
  12. ashukla

    H1B visa person paying for trip

    Probably this may not be a question in your interview, so don't stress your self much on this. however if asked then you can clarify it will not be a big problem, although it highly advisable that you should be extra cautious while filling out such documents. Good Luck!!!
  13. That's true you are not required to leave the country to get a new I94. Usually I94 comes along with the approved petition/extension, for any unfortunate instance if it doesn't then you can go to Canada or Mexico and get a new one while coming back, you do not require stamping if you come back with in 30 days.
  14. Good to hear this, and thank you for sharing this positive news as it is difficult to find one on this forum....it would be great help for others if you can provide the question asked to you in your interview, I noticed here that other folks are also in similar situation as you were. End is well everything is well, fly back safe!!!
  15. ashukla

    Leave-No pay H1 stamping

    Ideally you are not suppose to be without pay while on H1B, you should have converted to a dependent visa or moved out of the country. No one can guarantee of this question but I would recommend prepare an answer for this, please consult your immigration attorney if your employer has one or seek help from an outside attorney.
  16. ashukla

    22g1 drop box outside India

    To best of my knowledge, your case can be handled only by the respective consulate. These are cases are non transferable. For better insight and knowledge you may consult directly with the consulate explaining the same situation you have, they may better assist you.
  17. ashukla

    221G - Chennai consulate and New H1B?

    Sorry to hear this, yes your friend can apply for a new H1B but with a different employer reason being, if you nothing is changed from previous petition then you will not get a different outcome. Try to move to one of the vendor preferably close to client or if possible join direct with the client
  18. Sounds like you had H1B stamping previously?? did any thing changed since then like employer client or any thing which you can think of? I understand your situation how frustrating it is, I have sailed the same boat through this plague sea of 221G. I would certainly recommend you to work on other opportunities, like moving to a new employer for new H1B and appear again for visa interview or start looking out for opportunities in India.
  19. ashukla

    221g case - help needed

    Just a quick question, you had your previous visa stamping with same employer or different? is the client same? in short what exactly is changed since your previous stamping? so that will give a better insight.
  20. Yes it applies for all, its not recommended to leave the country if your amendment is in process.
  21. Sorry to hear about your situation, honestly there nothing much we can do in this case just pray for fast & positive result wait n watch!!! There is no specific timeline set by DOS for 221G AP, they can be long haul as long as you can think of time. Not sure what you mean by 221G for B1, never heard of it. If you got it and it was cleared then this time may not be the same reason. I have nothing much to tell you because there is nothing we can do just keep faith and hold back there tight. Good Luck
  22. ashukla

    3rd H1B Stamping Risk?

    There is no specific guidelines to issue a 221G so you may or may not get it, reason I m saying about the chances are less because nothing has changed in your case although I am not denying the possibility. Your W2 of that year may trigger this question if it is looked, this is the possibility I can sense. You may use the term of leave without pay due to some family emergency back home, this is acceptable and if you are out of USA on leave without pay.