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  1. First of all thank you very much for taking out your time and provide this detailed information, lot of folks I would say 98% of them don't even visit and contribute once their stamping is successfully done. so THANK YOU quick question - I understand you have been working with same employer for years, are you in fulltime or EC or etc??
  2. ashukla

    H4 Visa Stamping - 221G

    Additionally, I have the below questions: Does it mean that I also need to take a bio-metrics appointment? Not required until you are asked. Can I use the same MRV receipt that I used before or do I need to pay again? Yes same MRV fees is acceptable. Don't need to pay again. The earliest appointment dates in Mumbai are in August. Is there a process to get an earlier appointment and faster visa processing citing travel dates and school start dates? in this case I guess you can directly go to consulate, no need to book an appointment, still check with the consulate help line just to make sure Do I have to look at a different embassy especially since the earliest date at the Mumbai embassy is late August. I guess now you have to stick to this specific embassy as they already have your case.
  3. ashukla

    H1 Stamping in Toronto

  4. ashukla

    Short Canada Visit on H1B require stamping?

    If you want to reenter USA from Canada through land border, and your current visa stamp is expired then you must meet the following criteria in respect to use AVR:- Valid I-797 Valid - I-94 with expiration date in future Valid Passport You haven't appeared for visa stamping in any US consulate in Canada Your return date to USA is less than 30 days from the date of departure You haven't traveled to any other during your visit to Canada. You really not required to have active visa stamp on your passport to return from Canada by land. I am not sure about air travel but I believe CBP rules does not change by the method of travel. Still check on this before making any decision.
  5. ashukla

    Employment Based greencard

    Just to be on safe side and under any unfortunate instance if your H1B does not get pick next year in your last chance then simply move to an F1 Visa again, join any other course avail the CPT from day1. Bottom line you can file your GC but you need some other visa to stay and work legally in this country.
  6. Passport delivery services do not have any information you really need to contact the embassy through their communication channel, sometime things simply gets missed so better you contact embassy and figure it out.
  7. Normal processing time is 3-5 business days...so you still need to wait for the normal processing as there were some US holidays as well, donty worry its just the matter of time, you should be good.
  8. ashukla

    221G Blue Slip without asking for any document

    Sorry to hear about your situation and trust me there are many more who are sailing on this 21 plague boat. Usually H1B denials are mainly because of employer credibility or some dots are missing to draw a conclusion. So nothing wrong with you or your credentials. They might have contacted or in process of contacting your client to get to know about your roles and responsibilities, on a different note if it is more than 8 weeks then I would not suggest to keep any high hopes although there is a chance but very thin, with no defined time line to get an outcome. You may try to find another employer who is ready to file a new petition then reappear for a visa interview.
  9. ashukla

    Return to US after Denial in Canada??

    No you cannot comeback if you have appeared for a visa interview and it gets denied, revalidation is only applicable if you have not appeared for any visa interview. Your existing visa if any present will be cancelled for sure, don't let any second thought to take over.
  10. No you cannot, your existing visa will be cancelled and stamped with CWOP irrespective of your interview outcome. I would say avoid the risk of stamping and travel on your existing visa before September 2018.
  11. ashukla

    H1B travel after 221(g)

    Nope don't even try that, when 221G issued most probably they going to keep your I797, which required at POE, even for a chance they didn't then also your case status may flag up at POE which will lead to serious consequences.
  12. ashukla

    H1B 221(g) CIL & Position availability query

    There are many folks or companies who do not issue client letter, at max they can give the details in an email from your immediate supervisor who is expected to be full time employee with them. SOW between employer and client should work and you can explain that client do not produce any letters.