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  1. ashukla

    Stamping in India with Approved H1B Extension

    There is no full proof method to avoid 221G, its purely case to case and officer to officer dependent, I am not sure but what I am hearing that consulates in India only handling F, J, M & emergency visa. its not yet open for all visa processing that includes H1B as well. Dropbox is available you may opt that, in case if they need interview then that will be a problem. I would advise do no travel unless it is deadly required.
  2. ashukla

    Travel to India on valid visa stamping

    Yes you can travel, but during recent travel advisory and restrictions its not advisable to visit outside the USA with this short validity on current visa. I am not sure but heard that if your work visa is less than three months for USA then you will not be allowed to comeback. Please check all before you leave or plan.
  3. Visa will not issued on any passport which has less than 6 months for expiration date. So don't even try. Better renew the passport first and then appear for the interview. Of course submit a new DS-160 with new passport number.
  4. ashukla

    H1B visa status: ‘Application Received’

    As long as they have your passport, its perfectly fine. System status change is like a step by step process and I would recommend do not worry about it.
  5. ashukla

    Need suggestion about my case

    You didn't mentioned weather they returned your passport or not? They retained I797? White 221(G) is a bad sign, however in your case they just might need to verify the statements you made during the interview about your case. So hang in there you should hear something positive if there is no other issue associated.
  6. Irrespective of the outcome, you should disclose this information. make sure you have all the evidence documents of final outcome. they may ask during the interview as they do not have access to the respective system.
  7. No issues your I-140 and H1B are two separate and individual entities, to travel you should have approved H1B. I-140 is for whole a lot different purpose.
  8. ashukla

    Visa Stamp In Mumbai

    Individuals travelling from USA are allowed to visit any consulate of their choice as long as consulate entertains the respective visa category. So you are good go where you find the first available dates.
  9. ashukla

    Can we to Canada for H1B stamping?

    If you already have H1B visa with your new employer then why do you need to go for stamping? and Yes you can go to Canada, this shouldn't be a problem. I would advise Mexico is much better option in terms of availability of dates and easiness in process with maximum positive outcome.
  10. ashukla

    221G white slip- Hyderbad consulate

    Sorry to hear this bro, could you please provide more details about your profile, like what is your designation, what is employment model (EC EVC or FT), highest degree and from where you attained in which field? There is no specific time line for such cases but your further details will allow to get an insight what would be the reason and its probable outcome. Although he retained your passport is a good sign, all I can think of VO is going to verify your employment and based on that hopefully your visa will get issued. This really sucks man, till today I don't understand what DOS verifies which USCIS cannot verify from their end while approving the petition? its like two different agencies from the same country are conflicting with each other decisions and its only us who are getting screwed big time. I would rather have my H1B petition denied instead of this 221G, petition denial allow me to wrap up and leave the USA whereas this 221G make you stuck out of the country and all your USA belongings are in jeopardy!!!
  11. TBH bro, do not keep any high hopes on 221G white slip. I would say start looking for other options either in india or in USA. no negatives all I am sharing what I have experienced or know.
  12. ashukla

    H1B stamping

    @nshaik My HR head from US gave me a letter mentioning that merger, and a new name of the company although VO didn't asked anything about this and I never showed it to him. My visa got approved. I would advise you should carry at minimum a letter from company HR describing the merger and new name. I do not expect you to carry merger documents or any other details about it, as being an employee you are not expected to be involved or to be shared with such high level information.