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  1. ashukla

    H1B stamping

    it should be fine....happened to me as well and your current petition would be valid till its expiration date. VO and other officials are pretty aware of such situations. no worried you can go for stamping with current petition of company A
  2. ashukla

    H1B Visa stamping @Calgary on Oct 2nd

    that link has been removed from your post, I have sent you a DM here please read and reply. Thanks
  3. ashukla

    PERM Labor Certification

    Just a suggestion if you are younger than 35 years then try for Canada or any other option, in USA its really not a good idea to wait endlessly to get your green and during that waiting period go get vetted every three years or sometime in a year for H1B approval and whenever you go for stamping that's another threat to deal with. US GC is a life dream for all who have priority date after 2013... they not going to get it in this life time unless any drastic change happens
  4. ashukla

    H1b - 221g - Visa Denied

    No negatives but your employer and attorney really had to pursue hard with USCIS, if nothing is done in next month or so then chances are very slim on this case....I had the same situation and USCIS came back after an year asking for a client letter.. I mean seriously?? any client going to wait for anyone for a year or more? by that I have lost the job and client as well so it didn't worked out. Good Luck mate!!! sorry for you
  5. ashukla

    H1B Visa stamping @Calgary on Oct 2nd

    Hey Raghav, when did you booked your appointment and how long is the waiting period? I am intended to go to Calgary as well but not yet started, but please do post your experience there. Good Luck !! Don't know much about rest of the stuff but yes you can attend COS from F1 to H1B stamping unless its not specifically mentioned or defined for the respective consulate.
  6. Your COS will not be effective till Oct 1st, so if you go for stamping in August then latest you can travel back by Sept 23 not earlier than that, your F-1 visa will be cancelled for sure, irrespective of your H1B stamping outcome. So plan accordingly and advisable do not travel before your COS become effective.
  7. Just wondering what is provided on your petition sent to USCIS?? if that H1B received an approval for an internal project then yes you are required to provide all this information and you should get it only through your employer and attorney. By no means an employee have an insight on such things. If that is not the case then you need to consult your attorney to respond to consulate that this question is not applicable for your type employment. Because no client in the world will provide all these details to any of their vendor and/or contractors. This may be a part of the standard template and may not be required to answer by all the recipients, just check how to communicate and get it cleared with consulate.
  8. just provide the details of the employer with whom you will be working and presenting I797 for visa stamping, that's most relevant and crucial part for the visa processing, if there is a section to provide past employment history then you may provide the details of other employers as well.
  9. No need to worry about it, you will be good to come back...Just an FYI even if you try to get a visa appointment to get your stamping you may not be able to get it done in next two months as it fully packed and booked, this can also be used as an answer if asked why didn't you got your visa renewal. I had the same situation (2 months left) on my visa, petition is valid for next three years with different employer with whom I am currently working and visa was with previous employer, I came back without any problems.
  10. ashukla

    221(g) DS5535 at Chennai Consulate

    If understand correctly then you mean you provided your social media history? like all your emails, FB twitter etc?? if that is the case then it may take upto 3 months to 10 months, recently one of my friend got stuck with it and after three months of submission his social media history he got his visa approved.
  11. At first place you breached the law, second you have provided false paper work to justify it under your CPT which is another felony you have committed, under any degree program what job you think you can do at gas station permitted by the rules and guidelines?? Don't know if USCIS will take cognizance and any action or not certainly they can act on it irrespective when it occurred.
  12. ashukla

    H1B visa stamping

    no need to go for stamping unless if you want to extend it, not to mention there is always a risk in appearing for stamping so advisable don't go for it. Your existing visa is good and valid till its expiration as long as you have an approved status in same category.