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  1. mank

    L1B Stamping in Germany

    I'm currently working with a company in Germany and they are filing for my L1B Visa. Can I get my stamping done in Germany or do I need to go to India for the same?
  2. mank

    L1A Managers and Executives

    I came to US on L1A in May 2012 and my GC was initiated in 2014 in EB2. My I140 was approved in Apr 2015. I have another 8 months for exhausting my 7 years validity and will have to travel back to India in May 2012. My wife is on H1B and working as permanent employee of Financial institution. Her GC has not been initiated by her company. Is there any option available for me to stay in US legally and work beyond my 7 years of L1A eligibility. Can I use my I140 approval for my wife by having her GC initiated from another vendor.
  3. I'm on L1A and my GC was filed in 2014 in EB2 (don't ask why..). I got my I140 in 2015. My Wife got her H1B and would be filing for her GC now through her employer. Wanted to know if she can use my PD when she files for her GC. Is this feasible ?
  4. mank

    Use previous H1B with Approved I-140

    Thanks for your response. What happens if I file for extension of my H1B using I140 through another company while I'm woirking on L1A with my current company? Would this make my L1A redundant and I'll have to work on my H1 with another company? I want to activate my H1B so that I can keep it as standby and start scouting for opportunities outside.....
  5. Hi, The following is my situation. I was in USA on H1B from Feb 2005 to Sept 2010 with 2 interim visits to India. I have 600 days left on this H1B. Later after 20 months in India, I returned to USA on L1A visa in May 2012. I 2013 I applied for GC on EB2 category(I'm eligible for EB1 but company thought otherwise) and got I140 approved in March 2016. Since my GC will not come before my L1A visa expires in 2019, I wanted to know if I could use my previous H1B and file for extension (3 Yrs +) using my approved I-140? Are there any issues.....please advise.
  6. Thanks Jairichi for the details. I'm confused now as my employer's attorney has categorically stated that " She should not be travelling outside USA while her H1 is still pending. Else, the pending petition may be considered as renowned and cancelled." I also cam across another post on similar case http://redbus2us.com/qa/31688/can-travel-india-and-back-when-applied-for-h1b-not-yet-approved It looks like I have to cancel my trip........has anyone faced a similar situation?
  7. Hi Jairichi......can you clarify on the statement "Your COS part of your H1B petition will be considered abandoned."........
  8. I travelled to US on L2 visa (Husband on L1A) and am working on L2 EAD. My L2 Visa expired in Dec 2014 but have valid L2 extension till Sept 2016. I work for Ohio State through a vendor(my employer). I applied for H1B through my employer and it was picked up in the lottery but unfortunately it received a query. My employer is in the process of responding to the same. I have some personal emergency in the family and need to travel to India in the next couple of days (July first week). I would have to go for L2 visa stamping in India before I return to US by end of July. Is it OK to travel now when my HiB query is under process. Would my H1 be abandoned if I travel now and return after getting my L2 stamped.....need urgent clarification on this please........Thanks for your help.
  9. I have done B.Sc (Maths, Physics, Chemistry) and MBA (Marketing/MIS) and possess 10+ years of IT work experience. Our HR folks have commented as under: "per USCIS requirement you may be eligible for EB2 category only if you are a member of the professions holding an advanced degree or its equivalent((a baccalaureate degree( 4 year degree) plus 5 years progressive work experience in the field). Since you do not have bachelor degree of 4 years we are not able to process your application in EB2 category" Do I really not meet the Education Qualification for EB2 Category?
  10. I'm currently in 2nd year on L1A with company A. My wife is working with Company B on her EAD(based on L2 visa). I need to apply for L1A extension in June 2014 as my Visa validity is currently till Oct'14. There have been a spate of L1A extension rejections in our company. I want to apply for H1 in April 2014 as a standby just in case my L1A extension gets rejected. I want clarification on the below: a) What happens if my H1 petition is picked up in the lottery and gets approved and my L1A extension gets approved in July/Aug 2014. b) What would be my status on 2nd October 2014? c) What would be my Wife's EAD status on 2nd October. I would like to have my L1A visa so that my wife can continue to work. In view of the L1A extn rejections, I wanted to have plan B. Please advise me on my options.