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  1. Hi , My wife will be attending H4 stamping in India...All original certificates are in USA with me(Her Degree certificates, H4, My H1B, marriage certificate)........... does she need to carry originals for visa stamping..............this is her 2nd stamping.....1st was done 1 1/2 yrs back
  2. Please submit your comments https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2014/12/30/2014-30641/immigration-policy
  3. Hi, My wife will be attending Visa stamping in India in a month and we are also planning our parents stamping.... 1. Is there any difference of bank statements for H1 visa stamping/parents visitor stamping. 2. How much balance Amt/ for how many months should we show in my account.
  4. kennedy

    Add spouse to GC

    Thanks a lot for clarifying...... Could you please give me a list of documents needed during I 485..... 1. Documents needed for H1 during I485 filing 2. Documents needed for H4 during I485 filing
  5. kennedy

    Add spouse to GC

    Hi, I got married after my I 140 got approved...............what should i add to add my wife to GC/ when can she be added to GC.... Thanks
  6. kennedy

    H1 employer change H4 visa stamping

  7. Hi , I came to US on H1b. recently my employer filed for my I140.....what will b the Impact of immigration bill on GC process(already started)..??? any speculations/information about the impact..
  8. kennedy

    H1 employer change H4 visa stamping

    My wife is a doctor in india........what should she answer for..... "What are you planning to do in the USA?"....can she say that she is planning to study.....will it make any difference......
  9. kennedy

    H1 employer change H4 visa stamping

    thanks sanjay...but i dont have any supporting documents to show that my GC is filed.
  10. kennedy

    H1 employer change H4 visa stamping

    can my wife inform VO that employer B is sponsoring my GC?
  11. kennedy

    H1 employer change H4 visa stamping

    sorry the letter was from my employer B
  12. Hi , I am on H1B. I got my Visa stamping done 8 mnths back . I was with employer A. I moved to employer B.(they are sponsoring my GC) Now my wife will go for H4 visa stamping. My Employer A gave employer verification letter with salary of 60lK according to LCA. Will it be a problem with less salary? If VO asks why i moved from employer A to B ..what should my wife answer?
  13. kennedy

    Photo on DS160

    Hi all, I recently filled DS160 and scheduled my OFC and Visa interview. I forgot to upload my photo. Do we need to compulsorily upload photo onto DS160.....IN OFC they take digital photo....so is it ok is photo is not uploaded in ds160
  14. How much gap do we need have between OFC and actual interview in hyderabad.......If i have OFC at noon on day1 ,can i have visa interview next day morning?