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  1. Thank you for the information. I have asked this to my lawyer as well. She said if you stay beyond 6 months, the CBP officer can ask you for more proofs of continued employment and reason for the long stay out of the country. Usually they won't but they can start cancellation of your GC process if they are not convinced. I thought the response was a very cautious lawyer's response so I wanted to see if someone has actually been through something like this.
  2. Thanks for the response. My current employer is not the same as my GC application. However; I have updated USCIS with my current employer information during an EVL response last year. My concerns is the following scenario ... If I leave the country for more than 3-4 months and my employment in US is terminated, can I be asked for employment letter at the point of entry? and if I can't produce it, will my GC process and AP be terminated? Has anyone heard of any cases of someone on AP returned after more than 6 months and had any issues? If more documents were asked?
  3. I am waiting for GC, currently on EAD/AP with PD May 2009. I want to go to India for couple of years. I am trying to understand my options. I may be able to keep my employment with US employer but that's not guaranteed. Will I be able to keep my GC claim? What are my risks?
  4. apimple2002

    Pending I 485 inventory EB3 India

    I think these inventory numbers are not reliable. The EB2 numbers for May 2009 onwards went down in April 2017 bulletin. There is no logical explanation as the dates have not been current for those files during the time. How can the numbers go down so much? For eg: As per Jan 2017 inventory, May 2009 - pending EB2 =1,479 June 2009 - pending EB2 =1,435 ----------------------- As per Apr 2017 inventory, May 2009 - pending EB2 = 675 June 2009 - pending EB2 = 604 https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Green Card/Green Card Through a Job/EB_I-485_Pending_Inventory_as_of_January_2017.pdf https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Green Card/Green Card Through a Job/EB_I-485_Pending_Inventory_04-26-2017.pdf
  5. I don't think you need to do anything. As far as your status is reinstated within 6 months. Besides, when I spoke to CBP office NY last month, the officer told me that the I-94 information for a person gets overwritten by the latest issued document. In other words, the I-94 are not tracked like visa documents on your USCIS file. So once you are past July 2012, the USCIS entry will show you in status. This is just an CBP officer's word. I am not a lawyer to certify the statement but you may want to check it with your lawyer. Hope this helps, Atul
  6. I had my I-94 expired and I did visit CBP office at JFK, NY. They were willing to correct it but my dates were expired for correction. So in your case, depending on your CBP office, I see following steps for you 1. Try to go to CBP office and ask for correction 2. If they don't agree for correction, ask them which is the right form for you, I-539 or I-102 3. I-539 and I-102 are forms for I-94 replacement and extension with filing fee $330. 4. After that you can follow the options provided by Livliv. Hope this helps. Atul
  7. apimple2002

    I-94 expired on passport but valid on I-797

    Thanks for the replies. I took my chance and flew out of the country and when I can back, I got new I-94 at the port of entry and my status is all good now. Please note that it was a risky option but I used the logic that it was not easy for CBP to know which I94 is the last issued one when they collect it at the airport while leaving the country. So when you come back with a valid I-797, it's highly unlikely that they will dig that deep.
  8. My I-94 on passport is expired. My last entry in US was in Nov 2010 and the Visa officer at the port of entry gave me I-94 only till July 2011 as my passport was gonna expire. Then I got my new passport but I never went to extend my I-94. I thought the I-94 on my I-797 is valid till 2013 so I am fine. However my lawyer tells me I am out of status for last 8 months. Any idea what should I be doning now? Am I really in trouble? Thanks for your responses. Atul