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    Visa Stamping fee payment

    All, The BoA logo on the payment options page is confusing. In this case, you are making payments to an account which is with BoA - so, it is not paying using BoA. If you have any bank account in India with online banking facility, you can do a 'Funds Transfer'. One of the categories of funds transfer is NEFT. I paid my fee using ICICI bank - all I have to do was to use the unique beneficiary number & IFSC code given by the ustraveldocs website. If you are using ICICI, note that you either have to initiate the transfer as per Indian working hours or schedule it to initiate transfer during Indian bank working hours (Here, I don't understand their definition of online banking ). It took few hours for the ustraveldocs website to recognize my payment, but it was much easier than asking someone in India to go to a bank and pay the fee for you. Hope this helps. I looked for this information everywhere, no one explained this to me... I had to figure it out. Came back to post this as it may help others like me... RV.
  2. Hi, After I made an appointment, confirmation shows Visa class as H-1B and Visa Category as 'Business/Tourism'. I don't remember picking Business/Tourism anywhere during the appointment scheduling process. How is this shown in your appointment confirmation details? Any response is appreciated. FYI, my appointment is in Hyderabad, India. Regards, RV
  3. All, Almost all dates in December are available @ Hyderabad as of 30 minutes ago. There are couple of dates in November also. As I have already booked my appoint for 11/29, I can not see the dates anymore. Regards, Rajani
  4. Hi, Has anyone paid visa fee using online payment from US using Bank of America? I was directed to a page with unique number etc... but I am trying to understand how to initiate payment fom my BoA online account. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Has anyone paid fee online using Bank of America? I am lost on what to do with all the numbers given by usvisadocs.com/in website after I clicked EFT option. Any guidance on how to initiate this using BoA online is appreciated. Regards, rvhere