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  1. sp_0826

    Phone call from USCIS Field office ?

    The message said "pick up your phone" rather than "contact USCIS". My wife's out of the country and she called USCIS and the Tier 1 officer said the Application is still pending and after she explained what happened, she got transferred to Tier 2 but got disconnected before they spoke. She's trying again on Monday
  2. sp_0826

    Phone call from USCIS Field office ?

    Thanks for the response. It's amazing how much personal info is being exposed. My wife got particularly nervous when they mentioned in the message that they needed to schedule a second interview.
  3. My wife recently had an interview at the Dallas USCIS field office where she requested postponing her oath ceremony due to some urgent travel plans to take care of some family issues. While she is out of the country, yesterday she got a voice mail (her phone was switched off) which said that it was an officer from the Dallas USCIS field office and that they need to schedule a second interview for her. They didn't leave any call back number. We are guessing that this is a spam call but is this a usual practice for officers from field office calling us about the case ? When the message specifically said second interview, she became nervous. Please share your thoughts
  4. Hello, my wife at the end of her interview requested the officer to postpone the oath ceremony to Feb 2019 and explained her travel plans and the reason. The officer noted down her request and that was it.
  5. I'm expecting to receive my US Passport in the first week of November and I need to be in India first week of December and based on some personal situation, I may need to stay back for more than 6 months. Due to the gap being only 1 month (between getting my US Passport and my planned travel date to India), what kind of visa I could apply ? Do I need to have the renunciation of my Indian passport complete before I travel to India ? Can I apply for OCI while I'm in India ? Please advice
  6. First surprising thing is how fast your wife's application got processed and then considering my case, even yours was ok assuming your local field office is Dallas. In Dallas and Houston, the processing time is more than 12 months. I've filed in November 2016 and my interview, oath was done in December 2017. My wife's application was filed in July 2017 and she is still waiting for her interview. As per the current processing times, I guess we are not yet outside normal processing times but could we raise a service request or something since my wife's planning a trip overseas. Anybody, please let me know if we have any options in this case.
  7. I've applied for my OCI as well as Renunciation of Indian passport recently in Mid January and got everything processed and done in exactly 5 weeks.
  8. My wife's N-400 is in process - Biometrics done and waiting for her interview. She had to visit her parents outside US due to their health problems and might need to stay for a few months and it might be more than 6 months. During my interview last month, the officer asked me if I was outside US for more than 6 months in a single trip in the last 5 years + while my N-400 was pending. In my wife's case will it be a problem during her interview if she ends up staying outside US for 7-8 months ? Appreciate your insights
  9. This may be a usual scenario but just wanted to check here I've had my interview in Dallas field office recently. The only addition to the N400 during the interview was that I mentioned that I traveled to India for a week after I filed my N400. Other than that I answered all the questions and there was no problem. But at the end, the officer said she couldn't make a decision on my file and that I'll receive a letter in the mail. Is this usual ? When can I expect a letter from USCIS ? Thanks and Appreciate your time
  10. sp_0826

    N-400 process after Biometrics ?

    My N-400's service center is NBC, but when I looked for processing times in NBC, couldn't find any for N-400. Any idea about how long it might be before I get my interview letter with NBC as Service center ? Biometrics done December 6, 2016 Thanks
  11. sp_0826

    N-400 process after Biometrics ?

    Appreciate the information. Typically when can we expect the interview (time frame) after the Biometrics ?
  12. I just got my Biometrics done for N-400 and they gave me a book to study for the exam. Next step would be Exam / Interview at the same time ? Thanks
  13. Just wanted to update the thread here. I went to a local USCIS ASC which is in a small city and they accommodated me right then and took my biometrics. Hope this helps
  14. I just called USCIS today and the agent I spoke to read out some provision which states that we can go to the nearest ASC with the appointment notice and the required documentation and they'll try to accommodate us the same day or schedule us for another day if they are busy. I'm heading there few days earlier than my appointment date to try and see if I can get it done. Anybody tried this way ?
  15. I've recently applied for N-400 and just received the Biometrics appointment notice to appear on December 9. Due to some work related travel, I'll be out of state for a few weeks. Date is not a problem for me. Is there a way I can request for a location change ? Appreciate some insights if anybody went thru a similar situation. Thanks