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  1. You won't have an issue. Just make sure you have your offer letter with you as they will ask for it at the PoE
  2. Your lawyer if he/she gave that opinion is ignorant . Only when your name is included in the 485 application will you be deemed to have immigration intent not any time sooner .
  3. You have to stop working . Cap gap does not apply in your case .
  4. It could . You may need to take help of an attorney for explanation along with the CoS request.
  5. Pretty sure you are not eligible for another OPT. Certainly not for masters as it would a lower level of academic achievement and probably not even for a phd as it would be the same level of academic achievement as what you did earlier .
  6. GNH

    OPT Denied - Please help me

    When are you graduating ? It looks like you filed too early
  7. Should have put in on a credit card . A lot of my tution expenses went on CC too ;) As for the question , you need a lawyer. Your situation is too complicated to be answered by non lawyers in a free forum.
  8. GNH

    H1b after 6yrs

    Type in the reciept no at the USCIS website. It will tell the status of the I-140.
  9. You need to work for your original sponsor before transfering your visa. And you can enter whenever you want as long as there is the job available for you .
  10. GNH

    About H1B Cap - Urgent !!

    You are cap exempt, you need to transfer the h1b to another company , get stamped and enter .
  11. GNH

    H1b Revoked. Immediate response requested.

    If you have ever joined the company who field your h1b and they revoked it, then the h1b is gone . Nothing else can be done except file for a new h1b under quota which means next year.
  12. You are fine ... You will get a RFE asking for the medical document. Just wait for it .
  13. GNH

    Query regarding reopening of denied OPT Case

    This why you need to send imp documents via FedEx etc and track them every step of the way. Talk to a lawyer .