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  1. obelix

    Passport pick up at Ottawa, Canada

    I appeared on 27th Nov in Ottawa. It was issued/printed on Friday(1st Dec). There were some technical issues as well as Thanksgiving backlog. It should OK in couple of days.
  2. obelix

    Ottawa Passport Pickup after stamping

    Thank you. Appreciate it.
  3. I'm planning to visit Ottawa later this month or early December for stamping. May I know the recent passport pick-up timeline? I was there last year and I couldn't passport till Thursday 3PM when I appeared for interview Monday morning. So, kind of 4th day including the day of interview. Just trying to get the logistics in line based on the current trends. I'd appreciate any quick feedback from the people who have attended there recently. Thanks.
  4. Hi, May I know when did you get your passport? I was approved today (19th Sept) so just planning my timeline. It would be the best if I can pick by Wednesday.




  5. Were you able to visit for stamping? If yes then please share your experience. Thanks.
  6. obelix

    Stamping in Bahamas

    thanks for sharing.Can you please share the email ID where you sent your query? I did send one found on their website(contactus_en_BS@usvisa-info.com) but I was told this is only for technical queries. So, I had called them. There is only thing in their response that's bothering me - renewal (with no change in employer or job status) I've had chagne in employer since my last visa stamping. The lady on the phone just told me you can visit Bahamas at your will. I mentioned my case but she was not clear enough to spell out that you are eligible to visit. She just said you can visit and its your choice like every other consulate in the world. Anyway, please share the email so that I can get it in writing as well. I always perfer email so that I can use whenever I need to. Thanks .
  7. obelix

    Stamping in Bahamas

    No worries. I had called them too. When are you planning to appear? I'm awaiting for my extension approval copy. I may be planning month end or early August. Did you get any idea on the processing time?
  8. obelix

    Stamping in Bahamas

    You are using the wrong link. Read this notice or go to Nassau US Consulate website. https://usvisa-info.com/en-BS/selfservice/ss_announcements#may5
  9. obelix

    Stamping in Bahamas - Processing Time

    You need Bahamas Visa unlike Jamaica (visa on arrival). You can get it in like 2-3 days if you mail via express. I just want to go there as it's cheaper and shorter flight from East Coast after including the visa cost. Also, I've been there in the past for stamping.
  10. obelix

    Stamping in Bahamas - Processing Time

    No. Bahamas Consulate is only renewing visa in the same visa class. Also, one has to have expired visa adjucated in home country in order to be eligible for renewal.
  11. obelix

    Stamping in Bahamas - Processing Time

    I've gotten my passport within 5hrs of my interview back in 2007. So, it's definitely possible. In any case, 1/2 day is pretty resonable so I'm very much OK with that. My only concern is that I DO NOT know what's the recent trend. I don't want to be in a surprise and end-up having reschedule my flight, etc. so, looking for feedback who has any direct information.
  12. obelix

    Accommodation in Bahamas from Jan 12th to 17th

    All, Can you please let me know the visa processing time? I mean how long did it take to collect the passport? Any other insght would be very helpful. Thank you.
  13. Hi, Just checking if anybody has gone to Bahamas for stamping recently. I'm looking for processing time. On state.gov, it is 1 day but just wanted to check on any recent experience if one can pick-up passport same day. I've appeared for stamping in Bahamas back in 2007, and I was able to pick-up same day though I kept another day for the buffer. Obviously, I can't relate this to what happens these days. Thanks
  14. obelix

    Stamping in Bahamas

    I've related query. I got my first H1B stamping done in Bahamas. Renewal was done in Delhi. Now, I'd like to go for renewal again to Bahamas. Only thing is that my employer has changed since my last visa stamp. I think I should be good to go. But, just checking anybody had recent experience on such case. Thanks.
  15. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if you have gone through this situation and can share your experience. My I-140 was denied for a future employment. We filed Appeal in timely manner and it's in pending status based on the USCIS case status. I'm in the 5th year of H1B (4.5 yrs completed). FWIW, I-290B was received by USCIS just 2 weeks ago only. Now, I've got an offer from a major company which I'll not refuse given it's a great opportunity. They will take care of H1B transfer, etc. My only question is - if it is possible to go beyond 6th Year based on the I-140 denial Appeal? In this way I can think of extending for till Dec 2014 if I recapture my out of US time too (about 2months). My current H1B expires Sept 2013. I just want to buy some more time for and my employer as well. I'll surely discuss with the lawyer but I just want to see if somebody has gone through the same and understand what's possible. Thanks.