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  1. coolrockers2007

    B2 Visa for parents in Admin Processing

    Parents go their visa approved on May 03, 2019. Waiting for passport to be ready for pickup. Thanks
  2. coolrockers2007

    B2 Visa for parents in Admin Processing

    Parents visited Hyderabad Consulate to get their B2 Visa, this is second attempt. first was rejection. They attended interview on 12th April, 2019 and were Approved visa by Visa Officer. CEAC status show Administrative Processing since the day of interview. Anyone else on the same boat? It's been more than 7 business days. I am starting to get worried. How long does it usually take to get Visitor visa after being approved in interview?
  3. Hi All So i attended H1B VI interview here at hyd and was approved VISA on Feb 17, 2012 So i want to keep this thread open, so people can update there passport status here Please share in ur thoughts? Thanks
  4. coolrockers2007

    H1 b Visa approved and waiting for passport - Help pls

    Any update whether u received your passport yet? I had my VI on feb 17, 2012, i was approved VISA, and am now waiting for passport. I'm FTE