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  1. abnew

    Dependent Child RFE

    Hi All, I am EB3 485 pending and 485 for my child was filed at the age of 14. We received a notification from USCIS regarding non-delivery of Notice.I have submitted e-request to get the copy of Notice. Has anybody got RFE for dependent Child reaching age of 21? I just wonder what kind of RFE/Notice we can expect for dependent Child 485? Thanks in Advance.
  2. abnew

    Job on EAD

    Hi All, My 485 is pending and have a valid EAD upto 08/2015. Currently working on EAD. Will there be issue with my GC process if I don't have JOB ? or if any gap between 2 jobs? My I485 was pending for more then 5 years when I left the GC sponsoring employer. Thanks in Advance.
  3. Hi, my EB3 485 is pending for more then 180 days and currently working on EAD. My job description and duties on Labor and i140 is for ABAP developer. IF i change a JOB and accept position of JAVA developer then can I file AC21 based on Job duties of Java developer ? JOB duties of Development of code remains same in both position only Technology Changes form ABAP to JAVA. Thanks in advance,
  4. Thanks Attorney_6. Is there any evaluation service available who can compare and verify Job duties and certify ? Also USCIS recognize these opinion form evaluation certification?
  5. abnew

    Job on EAD

    Belle, I am primary EB3. Thanks
  6. abnew

    AC21- Pending I-485

    Hi I have I-1485 Pending and currently working on EAD. I left GC sponsoring Company and joined another company and filed AC21. I have Fedex Tracking ID for AC21 packet sendt to USCIS.I have not received any letter reagrding my Ac21 receipt from USCIS. Is there any way I can verify that AC21 I filed is attached to my i485 application? Thanks in Advance
  7. Hi , My 485 is pending under EB3 category. Company A file my GC and got laid of from Company A. Joined Company B as Direct Employee and worked with Client on Contract to-hire basis. Left Company B after 7 months and Joined Company C as a Full Time Permanent Employee. When left Company B I was not full time. Currently I am working with C as full time Employee. Also My Job duties were 100% same as Company A , B & C. Also While working with Company A, I had H1 and EAD. Joined Company B on EAD and Currently Working on EAD with Company C. I filed AC21 after joining Comapny B and Company C within a 6 months after Joining. Company A has not revoked i-140. Do you See any problem with my i-485 process due to my JOb with Comapny B (Contract-to-hire Nature) ? Thanks in Advance.
  8. Thanks Zoomzipper and JoeF. JoeF, is that good enough that I had offer with intent of full time in future ( contract-to hire) though Position with company B wasnt a full time? Thanks
  9. Hi, I have AP valid upto 07/2014. I will like to renew it before it expires. Also I am planning to move to different but not sure when it could be after 07/2014. Question : If i get Renewed AP with my current Address and I move to another house after AP is approved which will have old address on AP document. Will My Renewd AP document is valid for Travel? or Any issue on Travel using valid AP document With Old Home address? Thanks in Advance.
  10. Hi All, I am EB3 - 485 pending.recently I visited India and re-entered USA using my approved AP which is valid up to 07/2013. 1. I printed my I-94 thru WEB and it says entry valid upto 01/24/2015. My Stay in USA after 01/25/2015 is legal? or Do I need to do any thing to keep my status legal if it gets illegal after I-94 valid date? 2. Passport number on my wife's I-94 is having typo of 1 digit. Is there any way to get it corrected? Please advice. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks Belle and Pontevecchio. Pontevecchio - on my wife's I-94 , Passport number is having a 1 digit typo. Thanks
  12. Hi All, I am 485 pending and EB3 and travelling on AP. My Green card was filed by Company A. Now I work for Company B with same job duties. I have already submitted AC21 for Company B but I have not received any notification from USCIS in regards to AC21. I am travelling to India and will re-enter USA using my Approve AP valid up to 07/2014. What should be my answers during Secondary Inspection at POE If Officer ask question? 1. Do you work for the company who sponsored your Green card? or 2. Who has ( company) sponsored your green card? Thanks in Advance.
  13. abnew

    Re-entry Using AP

    Thanks Pontevecchio. I was little nervous since am traveling first time using AP, but not anymore. Thanks.
  14. Hi All, Has anybody Traveled Using AP Document Recently and re-entered at EWR airport ? I am travelling to India and will re-enter to USA using AP document for the first time. I have 2 copies of Approved AP document valid up to 07/2014. Will 2 copies be sufficient to Re-enter USA or will need any extra copies ? Do I need to Submit Approved Copies Anywhere like to Airline or at POE? Also anybody can share experience at EWR for re-entry using AP. Thanks in advance.
  15. abnew

    TRAVEL using AP

    Hi All , I am EB3 485 pending. I am travelling to INDIA for approx 4 weeks and will Enter US using my Advance Parole valid upto 07/2014. I got 2 copies of AP Document from USCIS. Will 2 copies be sufficient for my Travel back to US? I was reading one article about AP and it says 1 copy for Airline , 1 copy at POE ,and one copy will be stamped at POE and returned to Traveler. DO I need more then 2 copies of AP Document? I got only 2 copies from USCIS. Thanks in Advance.
  16. Hi , My 485 is pending (EB3) currently working on EAD. I have AP valid upto 07/2014. I will be visiting India in DEC2013 for approx 4 weeks.I will be travelling using AP for the first time. 1. While Return Journey from India to USA at Indian airport they verify the US Visa. What document I have to Show at Indian Airport? 2. At POE any Specific procedure for Entry with AP? 3. Any suggestion on Documents I should Keep with me at POE other then Approved AP. Thanks in Advance.
  17. abnew


    One question: I have 2 copies of AP Document. Will 2 copies be sufficient for my Travel back to US? I was reading one article about AP and it says 1 copy for Airline , 1 copy at POE ,and one copy will be stamped at POE and returned to Traveler. DO I need 3 copies of AP Document? I got only 2 copies from USCIS. Thanks in Advance.
  18. abnew


    Thank you so much Pontevecchio.
  19. abnew


    Thanks Pontevecchio. Should I and my family prepare for any Questions while Secondary Inspection?
  20. abnew

    Renewal for AP

    Hi All, My 485 is pending (EB3) and would like to know : is it necessary to Renew AP before expiration (for any reason other then Travel Emergencies)? Reason for this question is whenever AP is renewed and If it is issued for 1 year , practically one gets 8-10 months. for example my AP expires in OCT 2013. I applied for renewal in June 2013 (120 Days before expiration) and got approved in July 2013 with expiration date of July 2014. So practically I have AP for 9 months after OCT 2013. I have to apply again for renewal of AP in APRIL 2014 ( Considering 120 days in Advance). Thanks in Advance.
  21. abnew

    EAD & AP

    Hi All, I wonder about validity period of EAD and AP for recently approved Applications. Has Anybody Received EAD or AP approvals recently? My EAD is still pending , AP is approved with one year of validity. Please share validity period (1 yer or 2 years) info if you can. Thanks in Advance.
  22. abnew

    Expediate EAD & AP

    Hi All, I have I-485 pending and currently working on EAD. I applied for Renewal of my EAD & AP . Is there any way I can expediate the Renewal process ? If I dont receive Renewed EAD before my current on expires then I will be in trouble. Also I came to know that they dont issue interim EAD after 90 days anymore. Is this true? Thanks in advance.
  23. abnew

    Expediate EAD & AP

    Thanks Belle. Is it true that USCIS dont issue interim EAD after 90 days anymore ? Also Anyway I can Expdiate the Process thru Congressman or any other channel? Since My employer dont allow to work if I dont have EAD card. Thanks
  24. abnew

    INA 204(j)

    Hi All, I have question : Is INA 204(j) portability request is same as AC21? Need to know from Experts. Thanks in Advance.
  25. abnew

    Need Help on W2

    Hi All, I am working with consulting company on W2 and agreement shows two below mentioned items under service terms category. Employee’s Services shall be “at will”, on an as needed basis, as required by (Name of consulting Company) from time to time. All worked performed and services provided by Employee shall be under the direction and supervision of Client(s) of (Name of consulting Company). Employee and (Name of consulting Company) agree that either employee or (Name of consulting Company) can terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason. (Name of consulting Company) has no obligation to provide Employee with any specific type or minimum number of Engagements, or to present Employee as a candidate to specific client. I have following Questions: Q1. I believe I can terminate this Agreement and does not require notice period from either side (i.e.fromemployee and employer). Q2. If I decide to terminate this agreement, do I get or need to take any kind of Release document from Employer (consulting Company)? I never worked before on W2 so please guide and help me. Thanks in Advance.