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  1. mirage13

    H1B Extension i-140 Noid

    did you got 7th year extension ?
  2. mirage13

    H1B Extension on Pending MTR of I140.

    Hi, how you handle this situation , I am in exact same situation .
  3. mirage13

    I140 denied - need advice .

    Hi, My I140 is denied , we have not received the actual notice with the reason yet . My H1b will be expiring soon with all the days recaptured. My PERM was approved around August 2017 and we filled I140 in premium in Sept 2017 , USCIS raised RFE for ability to pay and it was responded. And finally I140 was denied .I want to know what options are available for me If we file MTR or appeal can my H1b extended beyond 6 years . Thanks
  4. mirage13

    H1B > 6yrs with new rule (i140 approved)

    What if the Approved I140 is one month old , can it g for extension .
  5. mirage13

    Am I eligible for new H1b for 2017 quota ?

    I think you can apply on 1 Apr 2017 lottery .
  6. mirage13

    Help for H1-B Extension

    I think you can get extensions , it can be in parts , say first 3 years and remaining on another extension .
  7. mirage13

    H1B Stamping in India when in Extension

    No , you need to take in account only the days you were physically in India , you still have two years on your visa .
  8. mirage13

    Perm Issue ?

    you can check here http://************.com/
  9. mirage13

    H1 B and I94 Expired, Extension got RFE

    yes you can .
  10. Yogee, I looks like you have very good verifiable credentials and suits for EB1 criteria . You employer and uscis can decide if your present qualifications and experience enough for EB1 .
  11. I could not found any relevant topic here so posting my query . A friend of mine will be marrying USC and subsequently will be filing gc . she has few questions . The sponsor person is under disability and works part time , the wages from part time work is below the income level for gc sponsor . a) can the disability benefit amount qualify as income ? b) what are other options to increase income ?
  12. mirage13

    Question on H1B -> L1A -> GC

    I think as GC will be filed on the basis of L1A visa , considerable time has to elapse to file a GC .
  13. If the new employment is fulltime you can start working with receipt .
  14. my dear you have done great job on humanity and US consulate by not doing aeronautics.
  15. mirage13

    Getting married to US citizen

    she can file k visa for you .