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  1. Well, I specialized in GIS & Remote Sensing for environment. Had a good career, accomplished much and was on a roll. I got several interviews (some lasting a day or two) for professional positions with experience. Almost every time there was no response after the interviews. Something changed. Whenever I contact companies and agencies for contractual opportunities, I never get a response (not even a courtesy reply). Seems like there is a shortage of programmers and application developers (IT) and I will have to change. Alternatively, the only responses worth any salt are from Seminaries. I do not know how my passion and goals as a missionary will be realized via the Christian Church.
  2. Thanks. About four more years ...
  3. Fired days after getting GC. No job for one and half years and no prospects (several interviews) for an old man (55) in non-marketable profession (over supply and little demand). Overqualified for many jobs. I read in this post that for Citizenship at least one year of continuous US residency is required (in addition to 5 year rule). I also plan to stay abroad for 5+ (<6) months every year. So if minimum residency is established and apply the next day, what kind of problems if any would be encountered? Is the one year continuous stay rule set in stone (as almost all the requirements are)?
  4. I am 55 and though well qualified, simply not getting any jobs at any level in my field (several wonderful interviews, but always seemingly a much younger person getting the job). I went to India for 4 months and returned. I have been unemployed for one and half years and may be receiving subsidized insurance and/ or extended medicare since I have no income. I came to USA in 1992 as student and got my Forestry Degree. Had a good and rewarding career in Natural Resources (forestry and environment), Those were the good days and any college degree put you in some good Job. By the time I realized that I need Permanent Residency due to marriage, children and divorce the easy days are gone. I was fortunate have an company sponsor me for EB3 very late in the game and after 2007 faux pause, I was on EAD. Then laid off followed by 2 jobs that I was fired successively. I was insecure all along as I was in the waiting mode (physician wife did not do any immigration for me) and the possibility of having to leave USA and losing my children. Murthy team not only helped me in these matters but also gave compassionate advise and direction. All along I missed opportunities to apply for Green Card based on NIW . Noticing the EB3 delays I applied for NIW very late and was pleasantly surprised at the approval (I did have exceptional achievements in the filed of natural resources) . After Green Card, I got cocky at work and was booted out. I am not getting admission into any Graduate Programs in Universities - lot of run around but no result so far. Seminaries are the only ones showing any interest in me. On learning that I have Green card, they seem to show even more interest. My passion is ministry in India - Peace, Justice and Environment. I have no clue if that ambition will even materialize or get a Seminary admission. I have at least 3 and half years to go. Like every one else I am a bit concerned even though I consulted Murthy team many months and received the OK . I will update on developments. Thanks for the response ...
  5. Similar issue. I was fired right after (about 2 weeks) I got my GC. After more than 1 year no job at all. Applied for graduate school in the field (environmental studies) and faced humiliations and no admission. No opportunities in consulting either. My understanding is that my application at NIW (EB2) is genuine at that time and should not be a problem at naturalization. It is genuine as I submitted. I am 55 and that should say. The only interest I seem getting is from Theological Seminaries. I am excited at the prospect of ministry to India (few months a year in India - field work). Are there any concerns? Any experiences to share? Thanks