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  1. I recently got my US Passport and need to make an Urgent Trip to India. 1. Can I apply for an e-visa and plan to go for 10 days or do I need to apply for OCI (I don't think I have time for OCI right now) 2. Do I need to renounce Indian Citizenship before my travel or is it ok to do that once I come back from India
  2. avipops

    Travel to Canada on GC

    I plan to travel to Canada by Road and have 2 questions and would like your recommendation if it is safe to travel 1. My Green Card is expiring in mid- Sep. I plan to travel Canada by road for 3-4 days in early August. Could that be an issue or would that be safe? My passport is valid for next few years but was not sure if the GC needs to be valid for more than 3 months when I travel. 2. My Kids are under 16 (11 and 15 yrs old) are US Citizens but there passports have expired. I understand I can travel with just their US Birth Certificates. Is that a realistic option? Kindly advise if is think it would be safe/ advisable for me to travel to Montreal by road (else I will postpone my plan) Thanks..
  3. avipops

    Traffic Voilation- N-400

    Will appreciate some guidance here pls..
  4. avipops

    Traffic Voilation- N-400

    I am assuming 'Paid Fine' is the disposition I use. Assuming I don't have to mention the fine amount.
  5. I started a new online application. Have 2 questions 1. The application asks for USCIS Online Account number (if any). Are we supposed to have have or create a USICS account before applying? 2. Any recommendations if we should mail in the application or apply online (especially since I would like to have appointments for myself and my spouse together)?
  6. avipops

    Traffic Voilation- N-400

    Thanks for your response. Should I include the DMV driver history report with the application to show the record does not have anything (although it is not specifically asked for)?
  7. I got an online report of my driving record from the TX DMV and it does not show any traffic tickets. I know I have received traffic citations in the past - may be not in the past 3 years but I don't have the dates/ details? Should I put NA in the N-400 form? Is there a good source to get your past driving history/ citation information?