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  1. avipops

    Traffic Voilation- N-400

    Will appreciate some guidance here pls..
  2. avipops

    Traffic Voilation- N-400

    I am assuming 'Paid Fine' is the disposition I use. Assuming I don't have to mention the fine amount.
  3. I started a new online application. Have 2 questions 1. The application asks for USCIS Online Account number (if any). Are we supposed to have have or create a USICS account before applying? 2. Any recommendations if we should mail in the application or apply online (especially since I would like to have appointments for myself and my spouse together)?
  4. avipops

    Traffic Voilation- N-400

    Thanks for your response. Should I include the DMV driver history report with the application to show the record does not have anything (although it is not specifically asked for)?
  5. I got an online report of my driving record from the TX DMV and it does not show any traffic tickets. I know I have received traffic citations in the past - may be not in the past 3 years but I don't have the dates/ details? Should I put NA in the N-400 form? Is there a good source to get your past driving history/ citation information?