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  1. No need to have a new visa stamp in your passport, but always travel with enough documentation like your old, new H1B petitions, current pay check and emp.verification letter from your current employer. Thanks
  2. I am panning to go to Bahamas for H1B stamping. My case is H1b renewal with same employer. Please share your recent experience at US consulate, Nassau. Thanks in advance.
  3. Maitri

    H1B Stamping for Working from Home

    Last year,one of my friend attended at HYD consulate and he got the visa with out any issues. He works for his direct employer(>2k employees) but he works from home. His LCA and I 129 has his home address only. Thanks
  4. Maitri

    I-140 appeal denied due to education credentials

    You received this denial letter after having approved I 140???