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Everything posted by raj989

  1. you can walk-in for Mexican visa, you may not required an appointment.
  2. raj989

    Need urgent help-Stamping in Mexico

    Mexican visa will given on the same day..
  3. raj989

    Lost job on H1

    Its Good to travel outside of US after your H1 transfer approval
  4. raj989

    Travel to Mexico

    Carry below docs I-797 Employment verification Recent paystubs Address proof
  5. raj989

    8th Year H1B extension & Travel to India

    Option 1 and option 2 is good. Option 1 much safer...
  6. you can go for Visa stamping with proper documents.
  7. Yes, you can go to visa stamping, it will NOT affect
  8. you cant go out of country when your H1 extension is in process
  9. raj989

    DS160- location change

    I guess Mumbai consulate can pull up your DS-160 which was submitted to Hyderabad consulate
  10. raj989

    H1-B Stamping Queries

    Carry latest pay stubs and job description letters too.
  11. raj989

    H1&H4 Visa Stamping

    Visa stamping of H1 and H4 depends on docs which you are carrying and how you are responding to the Visa office, but not on the attending visa interview together or separately
  12. raj989

    H4 visa stamping in Mexico

    you can't attend mexico for COS stamping, but you can visit Canada or home country.
  13. raj989

    I-94 when new passport received

    You don't need to apply I-94 for a new passport, but if your I-94 expired or going to expire, need to extend I-94
  14. raj989

    Recent EVC model Visa Stamping Experiences

    Its good now and carry all required docs for visa stamping.
  15. 1.Does mexico need any tourist visa? ----NOPE 2.Do i need to carry any document for my daughter (she is US citizen)? ---JUST CARRY PASSPORT OR VALID ID CARD
  16. I would suggest to go with first option and come back by Dec 31st and make sure you carry H1B extension approval notice.
  17. raj989


    Dates are available immediately..
  18. raj989

    Changing job in 7th year H1

    If your H1B extension approved for 3 years based on I-140 approval, you can change your employer after 6 months of I-140 approval and new employer needs start and file GC with in a year for any position, it doesn't have to be same position of your old employer's GC..
  19. Yes, you will get new I-94
  20. Ask your employer to send original receipt and your driver's license may extend for another 6 months.
  21. There wont be any RFE due to I-94...now I-94 is a online system.... USCICS can pull your latest I-94 thru online and will issue new I-94 along with your I-797 approval copy....
  22. raj989

    Not sure if I need to get H1B visa stamp

    You don't need another visa stamp, instead at port of entry, you can provide latest employer details and they will update it.