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  1. Nothing in specific. During the interview they asked about my education and then about my job profile. At the end he picked out a white sheet ( he had a whole bunch of them on his desk) and asked me to respond to an email that he had just sent. In the email they needed my CV and response to a Questionnaire (read from other users that it is a standard template). I got the Visa approved within 3 1/2 weeks from the date of submission of my response. Till date not sure what the reason for the query was...!!
  2. jojunya

    221G White Hyderabad tracker October

    Folks, I finally received my Passport last week. Below are my Case Details. Interview Date: 31st Oct 2011 and got a 221G White Sheet with the Case # and an email with a Questionnaire Response Sent on : 7th Nov 2011 SMS and Email that the Visa is Processed on 1st Dec 2011. Picked up the Passport with the Visa stamped on 3rd Dec Thanks!
  3. I am a full time employee of a mid size company and got a 221G when I attended the Visa interview on 31st Oct in Hyderabad. It got approved 3 1/2 weeks after I sent my response to their query. Expect the worst and hope for the best :)
  4. jojunya

    221G White Hyderabad tracker October

    @ Sush - Nope..I do not belong to Science b/g. Not sure why I got the 221G. I got a feel that the VO couldn't connect my Masters education with my current work profile. Did you already respond to the query? Please keep us posted with your updates. and I do not believe there is a way to expedite the process as they clearly mentioned in their email and on the website. Thanks Jagadish
  5. jojunya

    221G White Hyderabad tracker October

    Hello Sush, I attended my H1B interview on 31st Oct at Hyderabad and got a White 221G. I received an email requesting CV, invitation letter and some other details. I am a Full time employee too. Thanks Jagadish
  6. My better half went for her H4 Visa Stamping today 17th Oct 2011 at Hyderabad Consulate and below were the questions asked. I am in my 4th year of H1B in US and my visa expired in Oct 2010. Since she is already in India, we decided it may be a good idea for her to attend to see if there would be any issues related to my H1 stamping when I travel to India in November. I am a full time employee of a medium sized chemical manufacturing company. When she arrived at the gate, they said the photo has a pink shade and asked her to get a photo taken for INR 100 there some where in the consulate office it self. After that, they checked the interview letter and let her in. At the first counter, they verified all the documents that she submitted in advance and sent her to the visa interview counter. The Visa officer greeted her and asked the following questions VO: Where does your husband work in US? Answered with the name and place of the company VO: When did you get married? Answered with the date and year VO: Is yours an arranged marriage? Answered Yes VO: Is your baby an US citizen? (She took our baby along with her as she was not sure how long the whole process is going to take) Answered Yes VO didn't check or ask for any documents and said that she will receive her passport in 5 days. This forum has been a great help to prepare well for the visa interview. Good luck and best wishes!!