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  1. aboppana

    Traffic Citations

    Krisd, please let us know how did your N400 application go? Thank You!
  2. aboppana

    Traffic Voilation- N-400

    that should be fine.
  3. AndyV, how did you handle the application to answer traffic citations? Thank You!
  4. aboppana

    Fee receipt: Dropbox H-1b stamping at Mumbai consulate

    Thank You, as I did fill out the information like I mentioned above and I did receive MRV receipt activated in couple of hours.
  5. aboppana

    Fee receipt: Dropbox H-1b stamping at Mumbai consulate

    care_candidate, can you please advise on how to set up payee in ICICI bank to pay US visa fee via NEFT. It's requiring the following information, and can you please confirm my understanding or share how you set up. Thanks in advance. Payee Account Name: BANA MUMBAI US VISA SFA Payee Account Number: TIER1xxxxx (unique beneficiary account number) Payee Bank IFSC Code: BOFA0MM6205 Account Type: Savings
  6. aboppana

    Visa Stamping fee payment

    hello, I am planning to pay the US visa fee via NEFT from ICICI bank, following information is required to add the payee in ICICI bank online. not certain what to fill in except for IFSC code. can some one who has done NEFT from ICICI to pay US visa fees, please review and advise if my understanding is correct? Thank You! Payee Account Name: BANA MUMBAI US VISA SFA Payee Account Number: TIERxxxxxxxx (unique Beneficiary Acc Number) Payee Bank IFSC Code: (BOFA0MM6205) Payee Account Type: Savings Thanks in advance.
  7. Zelle, true it should have been done once the new I-140 is approved, I had a few friends whose GC is approved in a couple weeks of I-140 approvel when they ported EB3 to EB2. since the dates moved I am sure USCIS will take more time to work on cases nad it might take longer now for them to update these EB 3 to 2 cases. One way to get them to look at your case is by opening a SR, and give them some time to see if they update it before oing that. but if I were you, would not wait that long.
  8. aboppana

    Isssue with my address in I-485 process

    I am nost sure why your employer it that particular about your lease document, I think I-485 can be files without lease greement. I am sure bank statement is one of the documents in the cheklist, and it has your current (friend's) address. That should suffy the ddress proof. Talk to your employer and attorney as well and explain the situation, it should not be an issue.
  9. aboppana

    EB3 to Eb2 upgrade and filing i485

    I believe you would file I-485 attaching the copy of I-140.
  10. aboppana

    EB3 and EB2 from same employer

    but it can be done without issues if new job requirement qualifies for EB2.
  11. aboppana

    EB3 and EB2 from same employer

    I am not sure if the title is what constitute EB2 or EB3, but the job responsibilities and experience.
  12. aboppana

    I-140 clarification

    Employer A should file I-140 within 180 fays of PERM approved. if your still in that 6 months period, and employer A files your I-140, why would you want to move to emp B, as emp B would have to start it allover. I am not sure if it would make that big of a difference in retaining your PD in this case, may be a couple months. instead you current employer B can start the the PERM immediately.
  13. aboppana

    I 140 approved but later rejected

    you can request copies or approval and rejection letters from your employer, so you would know. but they maynot let them out as I-140 is company info, but you might want to try to get them or possibly check with attorney. ask them for the denial reason reason.
  14. aboppana

    I-140 denied as no response from Lawyer

    Have oyu checked with your attorney if he missed RFE and anything else? You might want to wait and see what the reason for rejection, based on that your attorney can appeal/MTR. again you might want to consider options getting a new attorney, if he did not communicate or responded to RFE.
  15. aboppana

    H1B Any One Jan 09 2012 @ Ottawa Canada

    john_bro if the visa is rejected or or 221(g), one cannot enter into US without valid visa in the passport. Automatic Visa Revalidation (AVR) can only be used when not attended US consulate.