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  1. It affects H4 visa applicants too. They must wait for the consulate to open dates for H4 visas which is unlikely before Dec 2020.
  2. G2_India

    H1b ban applies to non-profit employer?

    It affects almost all of them but you could look into the exceptions on the presidential proclamation available on white house website.
  3. G2_India

    H1B 2021 Second round lottery

    It is not a rumour but there is high probability as many employers are unable to file H1B petitions picked up in lottery. Hence the quota may not be full as expected in the past. USCIS has not listed the numbers on their website yet and it is mulling over the possibility of second lottery. You could contact any immigration lawyer associated with AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) on this probability.
  4. G2_India

    H1b Travel with old employer visa stamping

    Presintial proclamation doesn't affect persons holding a valid as of June 24, 2020 and they can travel anytime during the validity of the visa. Unless, Trump comes up with some new proclamation you don't seem to have an issue. So watch out any new developments before your travel or consult with an immigration attorney to see.if they foresee any upcoming trouble for you.
  5. G2_India

    Made a mistake in H1b to B2 i539 form

    Consult an experienced immigration attorney
  6. G2_India

    6th year H1 - perm question

    Agree with this.
  7. If you are working for the same employer then you can stay in the U.S. until the decision comes but you will have to stop employment after 240 days. If you get the petition approved with extension of stay i.e., you could continue to work after i9 verification is done. You can check the rules online. But if this extension was filed by another employer you can continue to work until the decision is made even if it is beyond the 240 days.
  8. G2_India

    H1-B Granted for 3 vs. 1.75 Years

    You must seriously consider checking with an immigration lawyer. At the outset, one cannot take any benefit from an USCIS error. Very rare occassion your lawyer may be able to successfully argue in your favor when it comes to that point. Not sure of you are genuinely eligible for a three year petition. Best is to ask USCIS rectify the mistake if you are not eligible for the three year extension.
  9. G2_India

    USICS gave extension with prior date

    You are serious trouble if your previous i94 has expired. You could be accruing unlawful presence and you could potentially trigger three or ten year ban. It is best that you ask an experienced immigration to help with the new extension filing with premium processing and nun pro tunc to put you back in status. Else your new petition might be rejected.
  10. G2_India

    H1b Layoff & Multiple H1b transfers

    You may be able to this but if you reimburse the filing fees or compensate for filing the petition, well it may look like pay to stay which USCIS could take it seriously. Consider consulting an experienced immigration lawyer.
  11. Filing an petition in the U.S. is not suspended and your spouse employer can go ahead and file the cap-exempt petition. But even if the petition is approved he needs to wait until the visa is being processed at the consulate and the proclamation banning entry of H and L visa holders is withdrawn or expires.
  12. G2_India

    Recommendations on bring H1B spouse on B2

    Given the fact, consulates may not start processing H4 visa until December, if your wife has genuine reasons to spend brief time with you and she has strong nonimmigrant intent and ties to home country she could apply for B2 visa. Even if visa is approved she may face hurdles at Port of entry. You could talk to Murthy Immigration Services Attorneys to understand the risks involved and have a proper strategy.
  13. G2_India

    Change of status from B2 to F1

    Given your intentions are to study it is best to apply for change of status based on Covid situation. But it is best to understand the timeline involved and what if your B2 status expires before change of status is approved situation with an experienced immigration attorney. There is also a new guidelines for students to depart U.S. issued by SEVP and ICE if they are not enrolled for in person classes. Though this is being challenged in court by Harvard and MIT, this is a time consuming process. At the moment consulting an attorney is the best bet.
  14. G2_India

    Visitor visa: Back-to-back extensions of stay

    I agree with the above, to be in the safer side you could ask for another six months than three months. If situation improves you could make her leave the country earlier else you could save on the filing fees.
  15. G2_India

    B2 Visa extension beyond 1 year of stay

    Given the current pandemic situation, the immigration authorities must go ahead and approve their extensions for beyond one year period. It should be absolutely fine to apply for another one year extension but always better to check with an immigration attorney to understand any potential risks involved.