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  1. Dear Attorneys / Members, Scenario is as under:- 1. I work for 'H1Company' with a 'H1Client'. 2. My Priority Date is Oct 2015 and my I-140 got approved in March 2016. 3. My spouse has H4-EAD and works for H4Company with H4Client. 4. Now 'H1Client' has extended an offer for FTE to me. It is a large investment bank in USA. 5. Is it feasible for me to accept the offer from 'H1Client' without losing my PD and I-140. Is it going to have any effect on spouse H4-EAD. 5.1. What legal actions need to be taken by 'H1Client' to effectively hire me in terms of applications and documentation. 5.2. I understand as per current regulations 'H1Company' can not revoke my approved labor or I-140. What else they can do if they want to play dirty? (Not that I expect them to). My records are all clean in US and India. Would appreciate your guidance on this situation. May be it is a lot of information to give so if you can point me to resources to read and research I will appreciate that as well. Thanks, Rajat
  2. rajMarch212011

    H1B Visa Stamping in Matamors, Mexico

    Were you a Full time employee, working with a direct client or working with a client through a preferred vendor that your company has contract with. Thanks, Rajat
  3. rajMarch212011

    Travelling to US on old companies H1b stamp.

    Thanks you all guys. That was very reassuring. I will make sure to update this thread after July 9. Thanks, Rajat
  4. rajMarch212011

    Travelling to US on old companies H1b stamp.

    Thanks a lot to you all. That was very reassuring. I will make sure to update this thread after July 9. Thanks, Rajat
  5. Dear Friends, I am travelling to India from June 25-July 9. I have a valid visa stamp till June 2017, however that is from my old employer. I recently changed employers and do have approved I797. Would there be any issues at port of entry (EWR-Newark) if I show them the stamp from previous employer and the approved I797 from new employer. Please advice, Thanks, Rajat
  6. rajMarch212011

    Self Employed on EAD while keep the current job

    Just to be clear,,,this is true only if you have EAD. Can someone be a driver for lyft or uber while on H1B? What could be the issues if somebody did that already and what corrective steps can be taken. Thanks, Raj
  7. rajMarch212011

    Landing at POE not closest to work location

    Thanks Xfitter and others, Incidentally Chicago figures in my scheme of things as well. I lived there for almost 2 and half years before getting stuck in 221G in India. So I have some documents and things that I need to collect and was thinking about visiting there first. But now I think I will just go straight to CA and visit Chi town later on in a couple of months to avoid any issues. Thanks, Rajat
  8. rajMarch212011

    Civil order of protection

    Thanks Attorney_23 and t75, I would surely consult an Attorney and see if it can be expunged and removed from my record. After getting the notice I actually created a file with a lot of evidence including my phone history and email printouts along with all AR11 forms I filled out on each address change and USPS address change acknowledgement letters and stuff like that. If a Judge is willing to listen he/she might see that i wasn't given a fair chance and their is no corroborative evidence submitted by my friend against me. It was in Chicago, IL by the way if that is of any importance. Also, for others, I would like to add that I did travel to India and back in 2010 while the Order was still in force but there were no issues at POE. Thanks, Rajat
  9. rajMarch212011

    221g Admin Processing

    From what I have gathered white means approved visa pending employer and employment verification. This takes 3-4 weeks generally. Green is when more docs are required. Not certain about blue and pink but may be they are to get some sort of clearance (name/tal etc). Good luck to you and I am sure you will get your visa if things are lined up for you as stated in your docs. Rajat
  10. rajMarch212011

    Civil order of protection

    Thanks a lot. I would consult an attorney and post my experience. Thanks, Rajat
  11. rajMarch212011

    2nd time Visa Stamping

    This sounds interesting. I wonder if this is possible for TAL/employer verification etc as well. FBI/DHS can charge a small fee and people can get things on order before leaving saving time for embassy as well as applicant and DHS makes some money in the process. May be ask an attorney. I recall a few posts trying to get it done for employer verification but not sure if that happened or not.
  12. rajMarch212011

    Experts please advice

    I hope your employer also filed for a COS (change of status) when you changed from F1 to H1. If that has not been done than it can be a problem. Rajat
  13. rajMarch212011

    Changed Clients after H1B approval

    Hi Ganesh, There are two documents involved. I-129 (your H-1B petition) and LCA. Both of them have address of your work location and MUST be in sync. Ideally every time you change client OR your work location you must get your !-129 amended (thereby informing USCIS of what you are doing and where). In your case if LCA has work location of ZZZ and I-129 has location of XXX your visa might get denied. So get your amendment done (I myself have suffered from this in 2011...initially VO said visa approved then 221G and then denial). Good luck, Rajat
  14. rajMarch212011

    Landing at POE not closest to work location

    Thanks. So do i need to have tickets for onward journey upto my work place. I mean if my trip terminates at Chicago and I work in California that is fine by CBP. Or I would need to explain why i want to go to Chicago. Meet a friend/relative and tell their address and phone number etc.
  15. rajMarch212011

    221g Admin Processing

    I have been in this scenario. Did you get a colored form during your interview? What did the VO said? What do you think you might have got it for? employer-employee relationship/name check/TAL/questionable employer or job offer/DUI or criminal record? All you can do in 221(G) is sit tight and depending on your case and type of verification the case will be processed in 2-8 weeks. It is frustrating but sadly it is a blackbox. Good luck.