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  1. cusp60

    Travel after applying N400

    many thanks Pontevecchio
  2. Hello: Can any body guide me on the following: I am now eligible to apply for N 400 Citizen application based on completion of 5 years of continuous stay-except for the business travel I had to undertake or vacation trip back to India. All these trips total to about 110 days (in 5 years). Considering this I did not apply immediately after my eligibility date in July 2019. Just when I am ready to apply I have to make two more overseas trips coming up in Oct (Canada) and November (china). Both on Business. My question is should I go ahead and apply anyway or wait I return back from these two trip. It will be appreciated if any body moderating this forum can give their best recommendations. Back of my mind I also know the more I delay the late it will be for processing. Based on my location I have to submit application to TSC, which is a crowded center.
  3. Finally its my turn to share about these online status changes: PD: Sept 22-2003/EB3 From RFE stage in May it went to card production by end of June and then it went back to Decision again within12 hours. Then again today morning 4th July it went back to card production. God Know what's happening but do hope all good and positive. How many times it has to to card production before I see something in my hand? Anyhow will update when I receive the Dox/Card whatever I get next. Wish us luck Guys!
  4. Hello forum members: I just read an article on Murthy.com about possibility of getting green card (I-485) approved even while traveling. However, I had read somewhere that once you step outside of the country (even with Advance parole) the processing stops. FYI, My PD for EB3 is current and my RFE is also under evaluation since second week of May 2014. in view of this I have put off all international travel but it is affecting my business. My company is putting pressure to travel asap. Don't want to do anything that effects my processing and delay the decision process within immigration dept. Could any learned member guide me on this and whether I could still apply for Advance Parole? BTW any idea what is the gestation time from RFE evaluation to decision? Appreciate your responses...
  5. PD Sept 2003/EB3: Our RFE was received by USCIS on 12May 2014. Status changed to "RFE response review". No movement after that. I hope they don't take long now at this fag of application processing. Anybody in similar boat?
  6. EB3 India Sept 22,2003 PD current in May 2014 Movement in our case with RFE for medical exam and certificate of continued employment/Job offer still open.
  7. Finally some movement but notified via email that a RFE has been sent to all of us. Wonder what they want to know now. Meantime I was already in the process of renewing my Advance parole enable travel on Business. Can anyone guide me if I should still go ahead with the renewal (almost done) just in case I need it just before approval. I just hope they don't ask something that will require traveling back to India to procure this. Besides I don't know if they will allow me to renew my Advance Parole since they started the processing! Learned Members please guide me.... EB3/PD 22nd Sept 2003 India PD expected to be current in May 2014.
  8. In continuation of my previous post here is the specific pre-condition: Quote: REQUIREMENTS OF THE DREAM ACT: I have attended a New Jersey high school for at least three years I have received or will receive a high school diploma from a New Jersey high school, or have attained an equivalent, such as a High School Equivalency issued by the State of New Jersey (GED) I am NOT a non-immigrant alien holding a currently valid visa. (Federal law defines a non-immigrant as a person admitted temporarily to the United States with any of the following visas: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, TN, TD, ,V, TROV, NATO, or other non-immigrant visas) AFFIDAVIT: I, the undersigned, hereby state that I am a non-citizen without lawful immigration documents; and I have filed an application for legalized immigration status or will file an application as soon as I am eligible to do so. Unquote My question to the able forum members is AOS case can be considered differently than a H1/H4 non-immigrant visa. Although I got the EB3 through H1 a decade ago. I have an EAD now. Any guidance/opinion will be of great help.
  9. New Jersey where they follow Dream act
  10. Sorry I did not mention my state of residence. I am a resident of the Great State of New Jersey! Where illegal immigrants (dream act) gets in state but legal ones are looked the other way. Under dream act only un-documented studies are eligible for in state tuition. I just don't see the rationale of this selective exemption. Beats all sensibilities when even people like us on I485 who stayed in the state for over a decade. Just like any other local resident paying taxes, buying houses and employing people. What is was looking from forum members is if anyone is familiar with any resources/endowments for people like us. Even ethnic based...for instance I am from India. thanks in advance.
  11. I face a predicament yet again while we wait for our I 485 gets approved. My Child is now ready for college and her application for in state tuition got denied. Never thought this will happen to me even after a 11 year wait. To add salt to injury my PD became current couple of months back-so I thought and it retrogressed back to 1st Sept 2003. Not sure if it will go back and cross my PD before the college tuition bill arrives sometime around June/July 2014-although it did come back again to 15th Sept. however cannot be sure that we may have approval before my kids steps in the college in Aug. I don't know how many AOS applicants, who are parents of grown up children face this kind of situation. But if there is anyone in the forum who can guide me to any endowments that grant scholarships to non-citizens. My Child is a honor student all through. I never looked at this option since in-tuition/Fafsa would have been in my budget but to face a enormous out of state Tuition bill/with no Fafsa will severely affect my family finances. any guidance in this matter will be of great help. Parent in distress!!
  12. I did not notice this until now. When the PD date is 9/22/2003 (which is exactly my PD as well) I assumed that it is inclusive of this date as well. It would be really tragic if my case got stuck because they only cover dates before this PD date. Seniors....please clarify if possible??
  13. EB3/Filed TSC August 2007/PD 22nd Sept 2003 Its already going to be middle of Oct. No change in my online status (still says initial review). Anybody out there with PD around 22nd Sept 2003 who may have got their GC yet?? At what stage I should start getting concerned and go for info pass. I Will appreciate responses/guidance from senior members/members. Tensed...... .
  14. Congrats! ....To all those who are on their way to getting green card. Rejoice N Celebrate! Do remember that you all got it the hard way by waiting almost endlessly (and few more years to get the Citizenship). Make good use of it so that generations ahead of you will be proud Americans. PS: Wish to hear these words myself when I get my card.....I am still waiting EB3, PD 22nd Sept 2003.
  15. My case is more or less similar to this one from USEFA. EB3 PD: Sept 22, 2003 I485/AOS filed- Sept, 2007 (received date) Fingerprinting done: Oct 2007 Currently on EAD and AP. The USCIS case Status still says "Initial Review". Belle's observation looks to be a good advise. Hi USEFA.... I will share any change in situation in my case although looks unlikely since mine is Sept 2003 as against your PD at March 2003