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  1. newdisplayname

    New Waiver on H1B Visa Stamping

    Has anyone got their H1B visa stamped after the following new waiver was put in place? http://www.murthy.com/2012/12/04/certain-h1b-and-l-1-applicants-eligible-for-visa-interview-waiver-in-india/ My question to those folks are: 1. Does it make the visa stamping process easier (as I assume)? 2. Are there still chances of visa going under administrative processing? 3. In what situation can a candidate be called for the visa interview? 4. Is the waiver only applicable in the home country? I hope this discussion would be helpful to many on this forum.
  2. newdisplayname

    Master & Current Job doesn't match

    I am not sure whether it will make any difference as I am not an expert on this issue and also I don't want to misguide you. However, based on my experience, your documentation and your case should be pretty solid for the VO to issue a visa. Full time employee are more likely to get visa stamped then those who are on EC and EVC model (FT > EC > EVC) I thought I would share with you one of my friend's experience which might give you some insight. When he went for stamping he was asked how can a person who has Chemical Engineering degree work in Computer industry. He told them that he has completed a software course from NCST and that was how he got into it. But it took four months for consulate to issue him the visa. So hope for the best.
  3. newdisplayname

    Master & Current Job doesn't match

    One of my friend did his engineering from Chemical engineering but he got a job in IBM, Bangalore as a Software developer. When he went for his H-1B stamping in Chennai for the first time his visa went for administrative processing for 4 months. However, he eventually got his visa stamped. Frankly, your case will most likely to make the Visa Officer very curious. It is but natural for any one to wonder how can a person with MBA land a job as a QA tester!! But you never know. You might have a smooth ride. Its never a bad thing to give a try.
  4. newdisplayname

    Working remote for U.S employer while on 221G

    I worked for my employer for almost 4 months while my visa underwent administrative processing. So don't worry about it. It is absolutely legal as long as your employer keeps you on job.
  5. newdisplayname

    Credit Card bills plus personal loan plus car loan in US

    @san_diego Why are you broke? Are you not working from India for your employer or your client?
  6. newdisplayname

    EVC = Suicide !

    @giri26 Believe me if Infosys loses the case and if it is black listed by US government it would be real real hard time for the EC models too. I am not saying every visa belonging to EC model would be denied. But man, it will change the visa approval dynamics for real and for most of the aspirants.
  7. newdisplayname

    EVC = Suicide !

    Of the so many things that I said you conveniently picked up the 20% thingy? I think you need to broaden your thinking and try to understand what people are saying here about the Desi Consultancy as a whole and not try to argue by selecting some points and elaborating it. But I need to answer you too, isn't? I know Desi Consultants who don't spend a single dime while transferring H1-B. They charge 20% just to hold your visa. You still think that is fair?
  8. newdisplayname

    EVC = Suicide !

    @northwest.bobby It is good that you have such a fascinating experience with the Desi consultants. But I can make a blanked statement that these Desi Consultants are thugs. They have absolutely ruined the name of consultancy business. I know few of my friends who are working with these people and they are totally unhappy. They want to switch job but are stuck because of their GC filings. They tell me about their low pay, how they search for a new project themselves but has to pay 20 percentage (80-20) of their income with Desi consultants just because they hold my friends H1-B, how they have to pay from their own pocket for GC filing, how they have pay for their own movers when they move from one city to another and I can go on and on. Many Indians accept these hardship because they still get a chance to live in US and make some dollars. Also, many stay with Desi consultants since they are just waiting for their EAD. I had said these before and I will say this again: The fraudulent nature of the Desi Consultants in collaboration with the Desi employees is now totally exposed. The problem is that even the Full Time Employee are getting stuck in India precisely because of the cautious approach of the Visa Officer who want to tackle these frauds which you will agree is the right thing to do. So If someone gets the Visa after long administrative processing, congratulations to them - I too was stuck. If some one is not so lucky I would suggest them to change their employer for a full time employment and go for visa stamping once again. Desi consultants are fraud, don't be a pawn in their game.
  9. newdisplayname

    221g-H1 Visa Suspended

    Nope, it doesn't help.
  10. newdisplayname

    h1b stamp: approved: evc model: ottawa rocks :)

    @ottawa_rocks Congratulations dude...request you to tone down your celebration a bit. There are many people who are waiting for their visa for more than 3 months on this forum.
  11. newdisplayname

    chennai 221g blue - status tracking

    In reality - it happened with me - you get a mail from VFS first and then you get the ISSUED status online. And yes, there were many cases who were before mine who had got their visa. You just have to wait and hope for the best.
  12. newdisplayname

    H1/B1 refused earlier and F1 chances

    Dude, I am talking "cr*p" not because my visa got stamped but because of the fraudulent nature of the Desi consultants that have misused the visa for a long time. Its unfortunate that you think it is all "cr*p". As I said employee should be aware of such fraud people and avoid having any relationship with them as it will only make their task of getting visa more difficult. OK, he is not a fraud but his case is. As I said before and let me reiterate; we are all facing a greater scrutiny because for so long people have misused the visa. That frustrates me. Admin processing, as I said, is a payback time for all of us now. It is unavoidable. So you completely misunderstood me. And as you know getting visa is not our right. It is upto the visa officer to decide the merit of your case and take decision. If it is rejected then there are other ways by which you can reapply - which is legal. So why should any one hire attorney for that is beyond me. And personally in my case, I will not hire any attorney as visa officers are not villain in my movie but the fraudulent people, who misuse visa, are. I am not sure what population explosion has got to do with the administrative processing. But this line made me laugh - not loudly though. To discuss the effect of population explosion we need to go to some other relevant site. I agree with you on this. I was very lucky to get my visa in 3.5 months. And I am happy too. I wish good luck to you - hope you get your visa sooner. Waiting for that magical mail from the VFS everyday just wear one down. I have been through that and so I know.
  13. newdisplayname

    Is it advisable?

    Instead why don't you change your employer and try to get a job as full time employee?
  14. newdisplayname

    H1/B1 refused earlier and F1 chances

    Following documents were asked from me: 1. Petition papers (All the documents that were submitted to the USCIS by your lawyer while filing/extending your visa: I-129, LCA etc) 2. I-797 paper 3. Passport 4. 2011 W2 form and the filed income tax return document for the same year 5. 2011 Pay stub 6. 2011 Bank Statement