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  1. What are the chances of Feb 2010 being current as final action date? And please people who have received their GC ... can you please share how long it took to get GC after the PD became current?
  2. We had applied for EAD/AP and it was approved and have been renewing since 2012 ... I think 4-5 times now :) ... no idea what to expect next ... no change in employer or Location ...
  3. I have similar question, my 485 was filed in 2012 also, and since then I have not received any communication other than case received and PD retrogressed and not current (EB2 Feb 10). I have not received any Medical RFE also. What are the next steps to expect and any chances it could become current again and we can finally get GC ?
  4. maverick9

    GC EAD Renewal Delay, Card production delayed

    Update - No card yet, despite several follow-up and SR from attorney, no clarity. Filed EAD replacement application 2 months back .and again still waiting. Both my EAD cases show same status - Case Received its been 11 months now and incredibly frustrating, and cant do anything. Can anyone recommend next steps?
  5. maverick9

    GC EAD Renewal Delay, Card production delayed

    FYI, still no card yet, online status still shows case received .. and Company Lawyer raised SR, and got standard reply of 60 days .. can anyone offer any suggestion or share their experience of GC EAD renewal based on pending 485. Please help
  6. looking for some help and additional insights from folks in similar situation. my PD is EB2 India Feb 2010, received EAD/AP in 2012 and been renewing since then, still on H1 Our most recent EAD renewal was filed in first week of Jan 2017, got approval notice for bot EAD/AP in Feb 2017 however card not received yet Want to know if anyone else waiting for card with approved notice? We also received 180 days extension notice for expiring EAD, however wife's employer is asking for new EAD card for I-9 verification (Even after showing them the 180 day extension notice, and USCIS memo) that is why anxiously waiting on New Card. Would appreciate any help. How can we find out what is going on? Online status is not updated, and company lawyer is saying we have to wait .. Thanks
  7. To all people crying out loud on this Illegal vs Legal immigrant, you 'hv got to understand, you knew getting a GC is a long wait, you knew H1 was getting tougher, in fact you already planned for your life in those "wait years" - when will you get married, when can your wife start working, when you will get GC, and how long before you will become a citizen .. and how to leverage the system to keep you in this country for those many years...you knew everything in advance, you signed up for this, the positives outweighed all those expected negatives, that's why you came, that's why you stayed, that's why you still keep the hope alive .. GC is a previlage not a right, if you are frustated enough, you can relocate to your home country or any other country for that matter , only if you can find a better place to live and work. Illegal immigration is bad for country, economy, society - but thats part of the life, every country suffers from it. Back in India as well, there are tons of problems because of our illegal immigrants from neghibors from east, here in US, the benefit extended will be for people who went to school, served in military, spent good amount of time here, embraced culture ... just because they are not well educated, they dont earn good salary, they work in lower income jobs, it is absolutely wrong to critisize them .. agree politics in involved, but thats story for every damn issue in every country .. it's impacting us so we started comparing us to more previlaged (actually less) ones.. If you are exceptionally talented, there are still EB1 category or EB2 NIW available ... prove yourself and get there faster, if you are not ... relax, sit down, plan for your extension (pun intended) and take a chill pill.
  8. It looks like Pernalguy's math looks right .. even if all visa numbers available for India (~9800) every year, has to go to EB2, it will take around 5 yrs for 2010 PDs. Am I reading something wrong here?
  9. maverick9

    CIS OMB response

    And I thought JoeF and Belle are two most respected contributor... why fight at personal level ... give up guys .. people like us should be frustated who are stuck with this retrogress thing !!! not you both ... Take a chill pill both of you, will ya?
  10. maverick9

    March 2012 Bulletin Track EB2 Approvals

    Category: EB2-India Service Center: TSC Priority date: Feb 2010 Applied for I-485, EAD & AP for self, wife Applied on: 3/29/2012 Receipt Date: 3/30/2012 Notice Date: 04/05/2012 Received receipt notice in mail on: 04/09/2012 FP notice date: 04/15/2012 FP notice received in mail on: 04/23/2012 FP Appointment Date: 05/08/2012 EAD/AP Approved on: WAITING EAD/AP in mail on: WAITING I-485 Approved on: WAITING GC in mail on: WAITING None of the case status showing online, displays "Case not found"
  11. My details: Work in non IT job in a large Financial Corp. Current Status: H1B Valid till end of 2013 EB2 PD 02/2010 AOS/EAD/AP applied end of March, notices received What I am reading from recent Visa Bulletin, Murthy News flash and other members post in the forum, there may be long wait for me to get my green card. (Atleast 1 yr). Lets say my EAD is approved, my company's policy is to maintain H1B status as long as possible till I get the AOS approved. However, there is stil tons of reorg going on and I wanted to ask you guys:- 1. Can I change jobs within same organization/location now? How would it impact AOS? 2. If somehow I end up lossing job before 180 days, Can I then change job and move to different employer/ city? Will that terminate my AOS application? 3. My wife also applied with me for an EAD, lets say if she starts working and then I loose job, what happens to her EAD, can she still work, or we need to leave country immediately. I appreciate you reading my post and answers/ suggesions. Thanks,