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  1. Hi all I will be marrying a US citizen soon. what exactly do they look for in the application process for green card? what are the possible pitfalls? I know it should be a bonafide marriage , is there anything else? Thanks, Nirav
  2. Hi all, I will be marrying a us citizen soon. My question is what they look for from us as a couple in the whole process. I mean what I should be prepared for. Also What are the common things they look for in the interview. Thanks, Nirav
  3. Suppose the green card application is denied/rejected during interview; can i reapply? (this case is for GC thru marriage to USC) Thanks, nirav
  4. true, JoeF. Thanks , Nirav
  5. here is the link which says overstay cannot be more than 6 months.. http://www.************/ is it true? thanks a lot Nirav [This message was edited by Admin on May 21, 2011 at 10:22 AM.]
  6. i heard it overstay if married to USC can be a max of 6 months..true?
  7. I heard being out of status/overstay on visa is forgiven if married to US citizen. is this true? Thanks, Nirav
  8. Thanks for the answer to my prev post. my Q is that how long will the process take? do i need to return to India and go again? Thanks, Nirav
  9. Hi , I will be marrying a UScitizen when i will be on B1 in th US. What is the green card process for that and how long will it take? Thanks, Nirav
  10. Hi , I will bo getting married when i go on B1. What is the green card process for that? Thanks, Nirav