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  1. dotnetsupt

    Travel during H1B transfer

    Currently I am working from Employer A1, converting to Full time to employer A2. Can i travel if employer A2 starts my H1B Transfer and still in Progress ? If that's not possible i am planning to file H1B Transfer in Premium processing and planning to ask my client start date after a month. Can i travel during in that month ?
  2. dotnetsupt

    H1B Stamping in Chennai

    I attended the visa interview on May 8th 2017 at chennai consulate. I finished up my interview well and interviewer mentioned visa is approved. Till today i didn't receive any notification towards collecting my passport. Passport tracking status showing "Administrative Processing". Is any experienced the same issue ?? If so how long it took to receive the passport...
  3. dotnetsupt

    H1B Stamping in Chennai

    Any one had any idea ??
  4. How is the approval rate for H1B Stamping in Chennai or Hyderabad.!! Can you share your experiences who attended the interviews recently ??
  5. dotnetsupt

    Health Insurance

    Hi All, I am planning to renew my health insurance... Currently my employer was charging 400$ per month. But i am not satisfied to pay 400$ plan with out using it. Can any one suggest me good insurance plans with moderate price ?? Thank You !!
  6. Guys, My passport is getting expired on Sep 2017 and got H1B Extension till 09/2019. I am planning to go for H1B Stamping in March or April. Can i go with current passport or need to apply new passport for Stamping ?
  7. dotnetsupt

    Availability of Canada H1B slots

    Here you go.. 196B7E0E-B4F4-424D-A1C1-ED09C58E3923.SNAG
  8. dotnetsupt

    Changing Employer

    Currently I am with employer A (I-140 is approved with A), Planning to switch new employer B as full time. If employer A don't withdraw the I-140 petition, Am i eligible to extend my 7th year H1B and H4 EAD in future after changing to employer B. Please suggest me.... ? I'm in a need to take a decision on this. Thanks in Advance
  9. dotnetsupt

    I-140 Help

    Hi All, I am working as consultant in X company and my I- 140 is approved with X company. I got a full time opportunity with Y client they are ready to file my GC after 1 year of employment with Y company. If my X company doesn't revoke my GC. Is my wife eligible for H4 EAD during this year. ? Please give me some suggestions....
  10. dotnetsupt

    Travel to USA

    Hi, My H1B visa will expire in Sep 2 2016.. Planned to return on Aug 26th 2016 with out stamping for an extension. Will it raises any questions during the port of entry.... Please share your suggestions and advice....
  11. dotnetsupt

    Travel to USA

    I didnt find the dates...
  12. dotnetsupt

    Travel to USA

  13. Guys, My visa expires on Sep 2nd 2016, I want to travel to india for 3 weeks in august 2016. My H1b extension is also approved. Is it safe to travel during August. there is any problems while immigration ?
  14. dotnetsupt

    Ottawa Stamping sucessfully

    Please post your experiences of Ottawa stamping done successfully.
  15. dotnetsupt

    H1B Stamping Ottawa

    Any one planning around July 22nd ?
  16. Yes you change the location after paying the fee. Make sure you are using correct DS 160 location.
  17. dotnetsupt

    accomodation in Ottawa

    I am looking for accomdation on July 22nd ?
  18. dotnetsupt

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Any one got 221g who doesnt come under TAL ?
  19. dotnetsupt

    Missed Visa appointment

    You have any expeerience on this ?
  20. dotnetsupt

    Missed Visa appointment

    Hi All, Recently i had an appointment for US visa at Canada. I missed that appointment due to Canada visa processing delay. When i logged in to web site, it was showing a message like this. Warning: Submitting a "No Show" request for an applicant who has been interviewed by a Consular officer and denied a Visa is considered an attempt to commit fraud and will have a serious negative impact on the applicant’s Visa application record. Is any one missed appointment and attended the visa again ? Will that causes any negative impact ?
  21. dotnetsupt

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Is your technology falls under TAL ? What is the reason you found for 221g, If you share additional details it will help to others..
  22. dotnetsupt

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Is your technology falls under TAL ? What is the reason you found for 221g, If you share additional details it will help to others..
  23. dotnetsupt

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    @Parker : I see you are very active in the group. I just want to know find out how safer for H1B renewal. What is the main reason for getting many 221gs
  24. Can you post your experience of stamping at ottawa.. How you heard about visa ratio of pass vs fail
  25. dotnetsupt

    H1b stamping Tijuana

    What is the process for the mexico ? Could you please provide some links....