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  1. Hello Friends, I'm going to Toronto, Canada for my visa stamping this month. Can anyone suggest me a decent place to stay so that Embassy, Airport and passport pickup places are easily accessible (of course with a cab/uber ride). Good luck all!
  2. Hi all, I will be landing at Calgary on Jan'12 as I have a appointment scheduled on Jan 15. Planning to stay there till Jan 18th. Please let me know if anyone is going for interview in this time frame. Thanks
  3. CrazyShark

    Jan 3rd Calgary - Visa Approved

    Hello Scboy, Is it possible to share information about paying guest.
  4. Hello Sirish/Sam, I'm looking for shared accommodation from Jan 12-18. Let me know if you are interested to share the accommodation. Please provide your contact details to email.
  5. Hello Sam/suncastle4u, I'm looking for accommodation from Jan 12- Jan 18, 2014. Kindly let me know if you guys are interested to provide share accommodation. If interested, please email your contact number or email.
  6. CrazyShark

    Is this refusal or Still Pending?

    Bajarang, I have updated my profile. You can get my email id from there..
  7. CrazyShark

    Is this refusal or Still Pending?

    Thank you both Jairichi and Kumar_y for your valuable information. @Bajarang - My email is ****************** - gmail
  8. Hello Friends, I am in a confused state right now. I have attended a visa interview in third week of August and received a 221(g) and was asked to wait as it will be under administrative processing. I have been checking my visa status with the case number provided at the time of my interview. It has been under "Administrative Processing" since then. Finally on 27th of NOV I have received an email to pick up my passport. I was totally shocked because the passport was with me. I picked up the documents from the VFS office, which includes the refusal letter and all my documents. Here is the description of the letter. FYI, I was not asked for any more documents to be submitted after the interview. ----Start of the refusal letter Next Action -- Contact DHS-USCIS The office regrets to inform you that it is unable to issue a visa to you because you have been found ineligible for a visa under the following sections of the Imigration and Nationality Act (INA) Section 221 (g) of the Act prohibits the issuance of a visa to anyone who has failed to present the documents required in connection with the visa application, or who has failed to submit sufficient credible evidence to support the claimed petitionable relationship. The following remarks apply in your case. -- Action in your case has been suspended under section 221 (g) of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act(INA)pending further administrative processing. The petition is being returned to USCIS for review. Upon completion of the review, USCIS will contact your petitioner. Therefor, Pursuant to 9 FAM 41.53 N2.3, the reviewing officer has decided that the petition should be returned to the US citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS) with the recommendation that it be revoked. the process includes review by the Nonimmigrant visa chief. when uscis receives the returned petition, they will contact petitioner, who will have an oppurtunity to rebut consular findings concerning the case. if the USCIS revokes the petition, the beneficiary may become ineligible for a visa under immigration and nationality act section 212(a)(6)©(i) (or other appropriate section). if USCIS re-affrims the petition, the petition will b erturned to post for further processing. warning: if you fail to take the action requested or fail to present additional evidence sufficent to overcome your visa denail under section 221(g) of the immigration and nationality act within one year of the refusal date, section 203(g) of the act requires that your application be cancelled. ----- End of the refusal letter. When i check my visa status, it still says "Administrative Processing". Does the above letter mean my visa has been rejected? If so what all i can do? Challenge the petition? Thanks, Kumar.
  9. CrazyShark

    Calgary Sep16

    You Can reach me **************** gmail.com
  10. CrazyShark

    Calgary Sep16

    Hello, My Appointment is on Sep 16th. I'm looking for a shared accommodation in Calgary from Sep 15th through Sep 20th. ​Let me know how to communicate with you.
  11. Mine is Sep 16. Please let me know your contact Email. So that we can contact each other.
  12. Hello All, I'm looking shared accommodation in Calgary from Sep 16- 20. Please let me know any one interested to share the accommodation. Thanks :)
  13. CrazyShark

    Submitted DS-160 without uploading photo

    Thanks Hiren. That helps.
  14. Hello Forum, I have submitted and signed my DS-160 without uploading digital photo. Throughout the process, i thought it wouldn't allow me to sign and submit the application without the digital photo, but it did. Since i didn't know where to upload a photo, i was waiting for the form to ask me to upload the photo at the end. I have already booked my appointment, so what should i do now? Is this a common mistake? Suggestions from those whoever faced this issue would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. CrazyShark

    H1B Stamping In Vancouver on 8th Jan 2013

    Hello laxman, I have an appointment on 10th of January. I would like to share accommodation with you if you are planning to stay near consulate. Thanks