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  1. Could you share what you decided and factors you accounted in decision?
  2. info4help

    GC for parents

    Following. @neerjaI am about to start the process for my mother. After how many days/months did you in USA did you file the concurrent filling.
  3. Hi, I've similar situation and figuring out to start the process for my mother. I read few posts here and felt that filing I130/I485 while in US is risky. Can you share your experience/lessons so far. I'll appreciate your valuable inputs.
  4. Finally, today, I received CPO email from USCIS.
  5. Recap: In October 2014, I filled i-140 in premium processing and after approval I filled i-485. Update: I received the my spouse and my EAD sometime in 3rd week of December. Overall, it appears that one who is running against the time, without much worry, can file i-140 and i-485 together. Not to mention this is based on our experience that we captured on this thread. Your situation could be different and legal consultation is advisable.
  6. Update: I received receipt notices on 10/22 and appointment for fingerprinting. I guess after finger printing it will be a waiting period until date becomes current.
  7. Thanks Guy for wishes. Hope Best for all. I got email notifications from DHS about acceptance of application and receipt numbers for I485 (Acceptance) / EAD (Initial Review) / AP(Initial Review).
  8. Thanks for adding your experience to this thread. Did you file 140 in premium or regular? Update from my side: I finally filed my 485 on 14th. Getting 140 approved took 14 days including approval notice to get in hand. One should account for 15days of approval in premium processing and 6-7 days to receive hard copy of approval notice. Later i learnt u can expedite aforementioned wait time by sending paid postage with premuim filling. Uscis will use that to send hardcopy to you. So you can receive overnight. Overall, i waited 13 days and paid premium fee for 140 so that i can file 485. Now Hope evrything works good for all of us soon.
  9. I am waiting on I-140 approval notice to arrive so that I can file I-485. May I request to update your status as you move forward in the process. This will help others.
  10. Bhavikshah: What's the step you are taking and what your attorney says on risk in concurrent filling?
  11. I agree with you on assumption part. I read few forums and got the impression that Petitions get returned (those case were 05-07). Not sure if they were changes in law since then. Also, return took 3-8 weeks and that makes me nervous. I don't find any recent case where people is same situation shared their experience.
  12. Thanks for your inputs. I had the same question and hasn't been answered yet. In my thinking, if I take chance and ,say, it didn't work then I am not sure when USCIS will actually return or reject and when they do what will be Priority Date. In such situation if my PD is not current will I have to wait again for PD to be current ....so I have uncertainty of this kind in my mind. On the contrary, I already have all paper work ready for I-485. Once I-140 is approved in premium and Approval notice is received. I-485 can be filed in a day or two. This may take me to mid of october for 485 filling and PD will be current then. Now, I don't know how much this delay of 15 days will cost me. can there still be risk of some kind?? I don't know. Please comment.
  13. Hi, I have similar situation. But my attorney suggested to file I-140 in premium and upon approval file I-485. Per him, in concurrent since date is not yet ported, there is always chances to I-485 being returned or rejected. Therefore, going with his suggestion. Experience folks can you please chime in with your inputs please.
  14. Hi, From my previous job, same employer, I have two approved i-140 1) Eb3 category, PD 6 Jan 2009 2) Eb2 category, PD 6 Jan 2009 (ported PD using EB3 I140). Unfortunately, I have to change the job and have to start GC process all over again. I am anticipating that new perm will be approved soon and now planning for next step. Assuming that the PD remains current w.r.t. 6 Jan 2009, can I-140 with request to port previous PD and I-485 be filled together? I know doing one after the other would be preferred but thinking If I can exercise window of opportunity here. Does filling I-140 and I-485 together pose any risk? Appreciate your guidance and help through your experiences.
  15. info4help

    H1B to H4 pending to H1B

    Jai: thanks for your response. I did speak but curiosity and nervousness is compelling to find more 'n more details. I think I just need to wait 'n watch for situation to progress towards improvement.