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  1. I have been reading many posts on this, but no one has actually written about their personal experience on the travel. 


    I have my vacation booked for Aug 20 and would like to know for certain that we do not need Mexican VISA to travel. 


    I am an Indian citizen with stamped H1B VISA. 


    If there is any written documentation or website that states this, I would like to take a copy of that with me to be on the safe side. 


    Can we get a confirmation of the same from the consulate? If so, anyone has an email address to send this query to? 


    Any help would be appreciated




    This is from Mexican embassy in Dallas






    Non-US Permanent Residents with valid US visa stamped. Effective May 1, 2010, all foreigners, regardless of their nationality, visiting Mexico for tourism, business or transit, for a stay of up to 180 days, do not need to apply for a Mexican visa to enter the country. They have to present their valid US visas along with their valid passport.

    If the US visa stamped on your passport is expired but you have a document proving your legal status in this country, you must apply for a visa at the Mexican Consulate Mexican if your nationality is mentioned below.

    Advance Parole, Forms I-20/J-1, I-797, I-512 documents are not accepted for entry into Mexico.

    Any certify documents issue by a foreign country must be Legalized and or  with Apostille.






  2. Hi, I was on H1b visa with company A and my last date on paycheck was Oct 11th. I haven't appied for COS to B2 yet. I will do this today.


    1) What are the chances my B2 will get approved.

    If your intention satisfies the visa category, I don't see a reason why it cannot be approved.



    2) If before it get approved company B is filing H1b what are the chances of H1b approval.

    Same as what you had before with company A ( if all your documents are in order)


    3) If B2 gets denied what are the options.

     I think you may have some time, for your appeals. After you exhaust all of your appeals process, unfortunately you might have to leave the country. I would consult a lawyer to evaluate your options, before you make any decisions.

  3. First, if people "have their own reasons", then they should not have the child birth in the US. It is very simple, very easy.

    Having your cake and eating it too doesn't work. It is THAT simple.




    You are trying to FORCE your views on others.


    Regarding the Canadian citizenship, like I said its simply a Canadian travel permt as you have renounced your Canadian citizenship when you took your US oath. 

  4. Then I suggest YOU stop the off-topic posts.





    A Child born in the US has a US birth certificate which state's where s/he is born.  The kid's (who is a minor) parents have the authority to apply for a country passport which allows them, as per the country's laws

  5. It is not possible, you are just trying very hard to find a loophole, anything that could potentially be a loophole.



    There are loop holes in many laws, by design to include every one.


    There is no loophole about a kid born to Indian parents living in the US,  applying for a Indian passport when the Indian law allows it. Every sovereign state which has a consulate in a foreign country is bound to, by their own laws. So, in this case the parents( with a minor kid) can decide what passport they would like to apply for.

  6. Then they should make sure that the child isn't born in the US.

    It is REALLY SIMPLE. There are 9 months to decide on that.

    So, once again, there is NO problem.

    Case closed.


    Been reading this interesting topic..and might consider to be a volunteer when I have my kid !!

    But in regards to your quote, you don't make any sense. You are taking sides in your argument rather than stating facts. I understand your partiality to US, but people might have their own reasons after what was done to the Japanese (US citizens of Japanese descent) or/and the Native Americans ( who were here before the laws were made)

    People have their reasons to choose where they like and undo if they don't like. The OP was asking a question to see what are his options of having a child in the US and living in India as an Indian citizen.


    In regards to other quotes on multiple citizenship...technically a person can have multiple citizenship's/passports..but to become a US naturalized citizen you have to renounce allegiance to another country (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizenship_in_the_United_States). The other citizenship/passport you carry technically is a travel document good in times of peace.

  7. I filed my H1b transfer @vermont. And now its being 25 days over . Status still shows "Initial Review". 


    My Attorney asked me to wait again one more week. 


    Can please throw some idea on my case, What's actually going on..

    From USCIS site:

    USCIS guarantees15 calendar day processing to those petitioners or applicants who choose to use this service or USCIS will refund the Premium Processing Service fee

  8. Hi,

    Right now am working at client location on H1B which is valid till Sep 2015 with Petitioner A (Indian company). I like to switch to different company in USA, i know that the the new company will take care of petition filing. But my concern is, if i travel to india after i switch to new company, while coming back to USA, do i need to go for stamping again with new petitioner?. I heard, one of my friends friend told that we no need to go for stamping with new petitioner, still we can update the our new petition details at Port of entry in USA. Assume i no need to go for stamping, does it impact to H-4 dependent visa?, since i will be having old petitioner stamping but i will be working for new petitioner. i worrying about worst case.




    Thanks and Regards


    H1 and H4 holders can enter the US with their old unexpired and valid visa in their passports with  the new approval documents issued by the USCIS based on your employment with the current(new) company


    We are currently in adjustment of status pending I485, and on EAD and we have advanced parole. We recently traveled to India and returned last week. My daughter is planning to go medical school in  in Caribbean island for 2 years and rest of course will complete in US.  She is planning to fly next week. She will come back for vacation around December 14th. Our advanced parole expires Feb 17th 2014. My question is whether my daughter can apply for her advanced parole when she comes back  for vacation in December and leave back to school in January or she can apply before expiration Feb 17th 2014 from Caribbean with education proof. To rephrase, will my daughter have to reside in the United States after she applies? or can she leave for Caribbean after submitting her application and later can I mail her advanced parole to her after we receive it? She will come frequently to USA for summer and Christmas holidays. Will it be an issue if she travels frequently using Advance Parole? How can she apply if she is in Caribbean ? 
    One other question I have is whether it is possible to receive my daughter's advance parole in 2 weeks if I send in documents during application pertaining to her situation and the need to obtain the parole urgently such as a letters indicating her enrollment and full-time study in school overseas? Also, will there be any issues if my daughter travels multiple times (2 or more) during the period allotted by an advance parole?  
    I would very much appreciate it if someone could advise me.


    The I-131 form allows you to specify, if the applicant is in the US or not..and once its approved, you can redirect it to be sent to an address in the US or outside US.

  10. 2. Is  Green card good enough for people to get "instate" tuition fees at the universities  or they have to be US citizens ( if this year  we do not get GC, my child may have a GC but not become US citizen in time for her starting University)  


    Residency requirement qualifies for eligibility for In-state tuition. i.e how many days you lived in that state, it has nothing got to do whether you are on H1/LPR/USC

  11. I had a EB3 PERM with PD of Feb 2006 and I have filed for 485 based on that PERM in JUly 2007 with Employer A and in Aug 2008 I have filed my Labor and I-140 ( approved) in EB2 based on the pending 485 application with Employer B.

    What are the chances that for any reason the employer B will withdraw the I-140. ? Is it possible and if so how so .. Would like to hear inputs hear from other members.

    Thank you.

  12. It took 75 days from the date of electronic submission to get the status changed to Card Production ordered.

    This site and other sites have been helpful to calm our nerves and to take extra steps until the approval (Calling National Service Center, Infopass, Writing to senator etc.)

    I am not sure which one worked , but we are glad we have the approval.