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  1. Nisha03

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Any update on this topic?
  2. Nisha03

    Visa Bulletin Developments

    Can anyone please give me the estimate from below information? I need to provide this information to my client. (This is something urgent). Appreciate the help. Based on my priority date February 2011 (EB2), when should I expect my EAD. Thanks.
  3. Nisha03

    H1 to F4?

    I need guidance/suggestion. Currently I am on H1B and have i140 approved with priority date of February 2011. My brother is citizen of USA. Should I keep working on H1B and wait for GC or request my brother to file my petition on family (sister) relation. He is ready to file the papers. Since I am in USA for more than 7 years will the process takes less time; if my brother files the petition? Appreciate the help.
  4. Nisha03

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Any hopes on executive action on - Modernize, improve and clarify immigrant and nonimmigrant visa program this year?
  5. Nisha03

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    When will the rule be published on EAD for approved I-140 as per President Obama's Immigration Plan?
  6. Nisha03

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Any comments/suggestion from below article published today? https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2014/12/30/2014-30641/immigration-policy%C2'>
  7. Nisha03

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Thank you for the quick response and clarification. When should we see any hope for changes on EB2 backlog front? Do you foresee any changes? Any guidance will be appreciated.
  8. Nisha03

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Recently read and article below on - http://www.immigration-law.com/XXIV.html%C2'> 12/17/2014: Any Impact of Immigration Executive Actions on Priority Date Movements Ahead? No. AILA reports from its communication with Mr. Oppenheim of the State Department that the immigration executive action will not impact cut-off date movement ahead. Even though the Executive Actions included in broad plans 'preregistration' of adjustment of status applications (I-485) with accompanying benefits of EAD applications for people waiting for the priority dates, the impact will be limited to USCIS filings and will not allow them to apply for immigrant visas until their priority dates become current. For the reason, it will not affect the priority dates. Still, initiation of the preregistration of I-485 with accompanying EAD application opportunies would give a tremendous benefits to the foreign workers, particularly their accompanying family members, but the USCIS failed to include this part of the immigration actions in its initial announcement of its plans. Considering, however, that the initial announcement did not necessarily cover all the actions the USCIS would take as part of the Obams immigration actions, it appears that the relief of 'preregistration of I-485 applications for the visa number waiters' may be forthcoming, albeit not necessarily in priority. It is thus imperative that for the foreign workers and their family members to get relief from the current 'choked' employment-based immigration system, the Republican Congress should work hard next year to pass employment-based immigration reform bills and the President should sign such bills. Otherwise, these 'legal' immigrants will suffer from the chocked legal employment-based immigration systems even for decades to come, waiting in the endless long lines.
  9. Hi, I am on H1B Visa and my employer has started my Green Card process under EB2 Category. I have my I-140 Approved. My priority date is March 2011. My brother is citizen of United States and I have below questions. 1. Can my brother file for my Green Card process if I have I-140 approved via my employer? If yes, then How long will it take if my brother files Green Cards process for me? Can anyone help me the the expert guidance/advice? Really appreciated for the help. Thanks.
  10. Nisha03

    Need expert Guidance

    Thank you so much for the reply. When we submitted my experience letter for I-140, my employer has mentioned dates which I worked as a contractor and dates which I worked as an employee. Will that fine to give them proof for 1 year?
  11. Nisha03

    Need expert Guidance

    I filled my LC with a experience of a company for 1 year. My LC has already been approved. I realized my mistake that out of 1 year experience I have worked as a contractor for that company for 6 months and worked as an employee for 6 months. I have submitted my I-140 application with such explanation in my experience letter. Will that reason can reject my I-140? Please advice, Should I File new LC with correct information?