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  1. sreelatham6

    B1/B2 visa with approved I140

    Hi, I am writing this post in regards to one of my friend who is in India and want to visit US. She moved back to India couple of years ago after her H1B was revoked during recerssion but she holds active I140. If she apply for B1/B2 visa, will her I140 be override? What are the consequences she would face while applying for B1/B2 visa? Thanks in advance.
  2. sreelatham6

    H1B stamping to Canada

    Hi There, I am planning to go for H1B stamping to Canada. Can anyone suggest which consulate will be better choice for first time stamping. And also can anyone guide me with the process for applying to Canada visitor visa. Thank you in advance.
  3. sreelatham6

    H1b visa stamping in Calgary, Canada

    I am planning to go to Toronto or Vancouver, Canada. Can you guide me with the process. Procedure to apply for Canada Visitor Visa. Thanks in advance.
  4. sreelatham6

    Employer Change

    Hi All, I know many of you might have asked this question earlier. I work in Atlanta currently and we are in transition, moving to Dallas, Texas. I am on H1B visa with I140 approved (EB2 - Feb 2012 PD) and most of the openings in Dallas prefer w2. If I take an opportunity in Dallas and change the employer how will it effect my green card processing. In the process of changing (before I140 get transferred) if my date become current, what options do I have? Please suggest, I am in dilemma whether to change the employer or not at this point of time? Thanks in advance.
  5. sreelatham6

    First time visa stamping

    Hi, I am on H1B extension and I am planning to go for stamping. This is going to be my first stamping. Do I need to go to home country (India) or can I go to Canada for stamping? Please advise. Thanks you in advance!!!!
  6. sreelatham6

    Questions on I-140

    Hello, I have a question regarding the GC process. I am currently on H1B and have applied GC through my employer (my labor and I-140 is approved and waiting to apply for 485), my PD is : 02/2012. Due to location constraints (which requires me to travel 4 hrs everyday), I am planning to take a full-time employee position with another company (new employer) closer to my home on H1B. But I want to request my current employer to continue my GC process which he already started. What options do I have ? 1. Can he continue the process and I can join him back when my dates become current ? 2. How long can my current employer hold I-140 for. Is there any time constraint on it? Thanks in advance !
  7. Hi, First of all thanks to this forum which is always help full . Planning for Chennai H1B visa renewal. Filled DS 160 for me and my wife. Have a child born in US (US Citizen minor). For Family Information question in DS 160 form "Do yuou have any immediate relatives, not including parents, in the United States?". 1. In my DS 160 i have put yes and given my sibling details. 2. But didn't give my childs or wife(H4) details. - submitted Ds 160. 3. For My Wife's DS 160 i have given both me and childs details as immediate relatives and submitted DS 160. 4. Then created profile and given the DS 160 CEAC number in profile. Visa fees is not yet paid. Now there is inconsistency with my wifes DS 160 and mine. Should i redo both of our DS160 forms and update in my profile prior to paying visa fee and taking appointment. OR is it ok to just proceed with it. I will be carrying my sons PP and birth certificate to interview for just in case proof. Please let me know . Would appreciate your responses.
  8. Hi There, I am planning to go for visa stamping to Canada and when I started collecting information about needed documents, most of the forums mention Client letter has a must document. I work for State client and as per their policies, they will not provide client letter. People who got they visa approved and working for a state client, I appreciate if you could provide me the documents list. Any response is appreciated. Thanks.