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  1. dkshah

    H4 Visa - 221g green slip

    I did check twice DS-160. Specifically mentioned in DS-160 and online visa profile Purpose of Travel: Spouse of an H (H4)
  2. dkshah

    H4 Visa - 221g green slip

    Thanks jairichi for the reply. Anybody have any other idea, like how to reply this kind of query. Do I have to submit my (H1) documents or my wife (H4) documents. What kind of documents should I have to submit? Please help me out.
  3. Hello All, My wife appeared for H4 visa (renewal) interview on 11th March 2014. She got 221g (green slip) and asked to submit below documents. Scan and submit the following as a pdf document: Invitation: An invitation letter from the sponsoring organization in the US. For graduate students, workers, and exchange visitors, this letter should include the name of your supervisor or advisor and details about your work. Submit all of the following information as a Word document: Resume: A detailed resume/CV that lists your professional and/or academic backgrounds from your past/present work, three professional references, and a list of all publications. Research: A complete and detailed description of 1) any research you intend to conduct in the US; and 2) all past and/or current research you have conducted in all countries. You must include a description of the practical applications of your research and study. Position: Your current job title and a full description of your work. Purpose: A detailed statement of purpose of your visit to the US. Itinerary: An itinerary of all locations you will visit in the US, including dates, contact names, organizations, addresses, and telephone numbers. Funding: Name of the person or organization that is funding your trip and your research. Travelers: A list of all travelers who will accompany you, including family members and colleagues. Travel: Dates and locations of all your international travel for last 10 year, except for US travel. We are not sure why they have requested these papers. I am concerned whether they need a invitation letter from me or from my company. She has not done any research in USA or not even done any study in USA so what we need to say to answer to that query. (What should we have to submit in Research, Resume, Position ?) Specially why they asked for Position . She is on H4 and she can't work. What should we have to submit ?? She is in USA since 2012 and she is a home maker. Even she is not doing any study in USA. She went to India in Feb 2014 for 1.5 months. Visa officer was only asking questions about her study, (like what your highest education etc.) and he asked only one question about H1 (Where your husband doing work? and she answered xyz company) She told visa officer two times, I am on H4 and I am on dependent visa but he didn't listen any words and gave 221g. Any help would be appreciated. Please please help me. Thanks,
  4. Hi, I am on H4 visa. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or Airline did not take my I-94 card when I left the US, or, I did not turn in my I-94 when I left the United States, what should I do? Is it create any problem at port of entry when I come back to USA? I will be come back in April. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  5. Hello everyone, Please help me with below information I am currently working on H1B VISA and my wife is on dependent VISA H4. My first 3 years H1B expired on Dec 31 2013. (Date on I-94 is Jan 10 2014 and Stamping on passport is till Dec 31 2013) Dependent:(Wife) H4 expired on Dec 31 2013. (Date on I-94 is Jan 10 2014 and Stamping on passport is till Dec 31 2013) I didn't apply for my H1 and H4 extension yet. My wife has to travel to India for few months. (I will not be travelling) She will be back to US in end of November 2013. Can my wife (dependent H4 visa) travel to India? Is there any problem when she come back with only 1 month visa left? Can I apply for my wife H4 extension while she is not in USA or do I have to wait for her to come back to USA and then apply? Please advise. Thank you