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  1. spf2f

    H1 extension was approved for 1 month

    H1 extension was applied in Premium along with H4 and H4 EAD and was approved for a month.
  2. Did anyone hear thing kind of scenario? LCA, Client letter, Vendor letter and MSA have 3 years as end date. Applied for H1 extension and got an approval for only 1 month. Any suggestions?
  3. spf2f

    H1 extension was approved for 1 month

    Employer and attorney verified all the documents sent and they have no idea why was the extension was given for a month. they opened a service request with uscis.
  4. spf2f

    H1 extension was approved for 1 month

    i already got the approval. Can we open a service request and will that change any thing? If not i know that i have to file another extension. My question was have any of you heard this short length of approval? If yes.. did you file a new extension or opened a service request.
  5. jeet... any updates on ur case?
  6. spf2f

    H1 Transfer RFE

    Hey Sri.. any updates on your case?
  7. spf2f

    H1B Transfer - Second RFE - Specialty Occupation

    Hey aarav.. any updates on you case?
  8. spf2f

    H1 Transfer Advice

    Hey All, I have a masters degree in electrical engineering. I have 10+yrs of experience in IT. I am working as a contractor at the same client for 6 yrs (EVC) model with valid 797 and stamping till Sept 2019. I am on my 8th yr H1 with 140 approved (140 was approved 4 yrs back). My Client wants me to convert to FTE and is ready to file my h-1 transfer. I have been hearing news about the specialty occupation RFE's and Denials on H-1B extensions and transfers. Is this a good time to move forward with the transfer?
  9. spf2f

    Travel on H-1B in May

    Hey folks, I have my H1B visa stamped until Sept 2019. I am planning to travel to India for 2 weeks. Is this a safe time for travel. What do you guys suggest?
  10. Hey All, i have few questions regarding visa interview for my parents. To start with, i am on a h-1B visa and i sponsored for my parents visa in 2011 and was rejected. Now, my sister who is here in US for her masters is graduating this December. She sent our parents an invitation for her graduation. We are sending them to the visa interview again. Can some one please tell me what all documents are needed. Should my parents carry my documents too along with them for the visa interview? Thanks.
  11. spf2f

    H-1 B stamping

    Hey All, I applied for my H-1 B extension last year June 2012 and i was approved for 1 year till sept 2013. I recently applied for an extension in premium. I am still waiting for the approval. I am planning to go for stamping on my renewed I 797 in Last week of July and my new H-1 starts in sept 2013. Can i go for stamping in last week of july? I work on a EVC model and i am with the same employer from 5 1/2 years. Thanks,
  12. I am on a H-1B and should go for my stamping h-1 B extension. I am on a EVVC model and i tried removing a vendor layer but they are not letting me off the hook. what are my chances of getting a visa approved. i am planning to go to canada or mexico. My client gives me a Client Letter and i can get the letters from both the vendors. Plz let me know what are my chances? Thanks
  13. spf2f

    Chances of Stamping on EVVC Model

    Thanks for the response guys. after looking at all the responses. I searched for a new client and found a new job on EVC model.
  14. spf2f

    Successfull Ottawa Stamping

    jackandjay can you please email me the answers at spf2f1 at gmail dot com
  15. spf2f


    Can someone please explain me what is PIMS verification? Thanks
  16. Hey Folks, I have a question. I am on H1B and i work on a MVC model. i am about to file my extension next year. How can i get the PIMS verification done. Can some one throw light on how PIMS verification can be done?