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  1. shahjr

    No insurance on H1B visa

    There is no penalty for 2018 no insurance.
  2. can eb1 category gc be started on individual basis without ny employer related papers
  3. shahjr

    h4 change of status

    thank you for the reply. either case, if cos from h4 to h1b, or new h1b approved. does the person who is already in usa have to leave usa from april till october as h4 is no longer valid.
  4. If in usa currently on H4 and awaiting H1b approval in april 1st week. Do one has to leave country to enter in october again. How /what to consider for status from april to october 2019.
  5. shahjr


    will appreciate any advice in the matter. 1. My h1b job terminated, while in 60 days if spouse h1b filed on april 1st, do we have to leave country and reenter or change of status possible. 2. If h1b terminated with 1-140 approved status on perm, ny options if cant find new employer in 60 days grace period. 3. can new employer wth small business file H1b transfer immediately for part time hours. pros and cons thank you all
  6. shahjr

    60-Day Grace Period for Nonimmigrant Workers

    I have 1140 approved status with company A and H1B till Dec19. If i loose job A, does every thing just rolls over to company B as long as job profile stays same. what is the most urgent/needed paper work that company B has to file for me to start working right away.
  7. shahjr

    L1 to H4 transfer

    Any suggestions / comments on questions below appreciated. 1. My wife is on L1B visa and I am on H1B. Due to personal reasons, if she has to quit her job do we need to file for H4 immediately or she need not worry as long as she is not working anywhere or leaving USA. 2. Will she be considered out of status, if she quits job and her H4 is not yet approved. 3. An approximate time frame and cost of doing L1 to H4 transfer. Thank you