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  1. I and My brother both are in US, My brother is a citizen who got our parents 130 filed and got approved. We have a case and invoice number to apply for visa and submit I-864 application on Department of State website. My brother is super busy in his business and cannot work on the case on DoS website so he tasked me to do it. When I try to log on using the case and invoice numbers, it asks me who am I and the options are Petitioner, Beneficiary, Attorney, Third-Party Agent. I sure cannot impersonate my brother and say I am a petitioner, big brother takes those things seriously. Can I say I am a Third-party agent?
  2. I am filing I-130 for a family member who is abroad. One of the evidences in the list of evidences mentioned on USCIS website is 2 Passport Photos. I have electronic copy of their fresh passport photo but none of the places here in US would make prints for me. How do I provide this evidence with my paper application?
  3. I am working on an online i-130 for my parents. There seems to be no place where files are uploaded titled "Support" or anything. How can we provide support affidavit of support in online applications? Do we need both i-134 and i-864?
  4. Hi, My priority is current, my 485 was filed in March 2016, the current processing times page says that on October 31, 2016 USCIS was processing cases filed in June 2016. I chatted with my attorney, he says nothing can be done, USCIS can take as long as they please; submitting an inquiry will result in a template response which wont be helpful, and will also trigger a vindictive RFE which will delay my case further; Am I really 100% on the mercy of the USCIS? Can they take years and years without being answerable? Can anyone tell me if my attorney is telling me the truth?
  5. My brother during his last visit stayed 8 months while visiting me; it's not his fault, he was given 1 year on his I-94 when he arrived. Now he arrived again, at the Newark Liberty Port of Entry, he was told that he overstayed the last time; they gave him a waiver admission on form I-93 with 212(d)(4) checked, and told him to leave in 1 Month. Is that admission considered a proper status? Can he stay with me and adjust status later when it's time? Thanks,
  6. So this is what my lawyer says how he interpreted the denial. In order to file your H1B beyond 6 years based on an approved 140.. One of the two has to suffice 1. You are not at the time of filing H1B eligible to file 485 (priority is not current). 2. Your 485 is filed and is in pending status. USCIS saw that my 485 was denied last year because we erroneously filed when priority was not current... they thought it was denied for a different reason; so they assumed I was eligible for 485 without a pending application of 485 to go by.
  7. Yes I have seen the letter. It was very cryptic listing too many sections and clauses that my mind could not decipher. But basically it said, my earlier 485 was denied, which prevents me from using my approved 140 to get any H1B time. Had I not filed the 485 and got denied, I would have been approved (the h1 ext denial says so)
  8. fulash

    H1B 6 Year Limit

    It sounds like you can extend your H1B for another 6 months (if you do not have an approved 140)... Do you not have a Labor filed and approved, and 140 filed/approved?
  9. The reason for denial is this I have completed 7 years on H1B, my 140 is approved. Recently my employer had filed for 485 which was denied because my priority was not current. the denial says because my 485 was denied, I cannot use 140 to extend my h1b any further
  10. Hi, My H1B Extension denied today. I have about 17 days left in my current H1B. If I file a Motion or Appeal right away, can I continue working on the receipt? What should be the proper way to make sure I can continue working? fulash
  11. I was enrolled in school with one online and one on-campus course. I did not know much about posting discussions in online portal. I was only submitting homework. After a few weeks, the school called me and told me that they have put me out of status and I have to file reinstatement. I had no warning or heads up from the teacher, she graded my homework but never communicated to me about my attendance issues. Can I be excused? What can I say to USCIS on the reinstatement application when filing? thanks, fulash
  12. I had my 140 filed, and 2 months later 485 filed for concurrent processing. But soon after 485 filing, my 140 was denied due to error in the form. Attorney said 485 will not be denied if we refile within 33 days. New 140 was filed with NSC last month. Their processing time is 4 months, but I got RFE last week. Why would they pick my application sooner? Another separate question: I might be getting my EAD/AP in 10 days. Is it risky to travel on that? What would happen while I am travelling and adjudicator sees my older denied 140 and denies my 485 without noticing the new one?
  13. fulash

    I94 expired and H4 to F1 denied..Please Help !

    What was the reason for denial ? May be you can MTR it. MTR application will reopen your F1 COS case and will take more than 8 months to decision. During that time, you will complete your masters and can file COS back to h4 Check with your lawyer, this may not be the best option for you
  14. Hi, My situation is a bit complicated. I changed my status from H1 to F1 (time requested 6 months) which was originally denied then I filed MTR and case has been reopened. now that time requested in COS is nearing expiration, COS is still pending and I have 6 more months in my I-20. Can I file another i-539 on top of pending ? What should I write about my current status and its validation on my new 539 application ? Thanks F
  15. Its like 1) Terminal Cancer and you know the date you're going to die 2) Inmate without the privilege of last wish. 3) Drowning in rapids, you dont know you'd die by drowning or by hitting a rock. 4) In a distraught situation but you cannot make a distress call