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  1. Schumi

    AP, H1 and H4

    All, I flew back into the US (JFK). While entering I used my showed my current H1B visa. The officer asked me saw the parole stamp and asked me if I have a pending AOS application. I told him I did and it was currently in backlog. He asked why i used my AP before to which I replied that theofficer during my last visit suggested I do so. He said that it wasnt necessary and I could use my H1. So I entered the US using my H1B Visa. Thanks, Schumi
  2. Hi Ariean, What documents did they ask at the Port of Entry (JFK). I am in a similar situation - i have a valid h1 and h4 for wife. I am using AP and my wife using H4. Hopefully that doesnot create issues. Thanks, Schumi
  3. Schumi

    AP, H1 and H4

    All- I have spoken to 2 well known law firms. My GC case is being processed by one of them. The 2 opinions differ completely. 1st law firm has suggested I refile the h1 with an amendment (location, title, etc) and get new stamps and enter the US. 2nd law firm has suggested that I can enter using the AP & H4 combination. I also called and spoke to 3 different officers at CBP Newark and they all told me using AP and H4 is valid. So now I am going to speak to a 3rd lawyer to get an opinion. Also it seems like a few people on this forum have entered using AP and H4.
  4. Schumi

    AP, H1 and H4

    Hi All, To clarify, my wife and I both have a H4 and H1 visa stamped in our passports. During my last visit the officer insisted that the AP supersedes my H1 and I should always use AP otherwise it jeopardizes my AOS. I understand it was probably incorrect however, I wasnt given much choice. This seems to be a point of contention amongest lawyers as well whether an AP and H4 combination works. I spoke to 2 lawyers with different opinions. Perhaps I should try to re-enter using H1 and then it will be easier for my wife to come afterwards on her H1.
  5. Hi All, My wife and I have H4 and H1 respectively. I also have a pending GC application, EAD and AP also (my wife is not on the application, hence she doesnt have AP/EAD; will add her when the PD becomes current). My wife and I are outside the US at the moment. During my last visit (travelling alone) to the US, at the POE, I was forced by the officers to enter using my AP and not my existing H1. I travelled back outside the US and now my wife and I want to re-enter and I am unsure on what to use while entering. I am still working for the same employer who sponsored my H1. Can both of us enter using the existing H1 and H4? or should I use AP and H4 combination? Anyone with experience entering in a similar situation especially at the port of entry? Can someone please advise? Thanks, Schumi