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  1. Passport status changed to issued on 1st August. Will be available in loomis on Tuesday.
  2. Status changed to issued today but passports will be available on Tuesday.
  3. Why July 21st are culprits. What mistake did we commit
  4. Hello - Anybody in Ottawa attended their interviews in between July 21st and July 25th received passports? My interview was on 21st July 9:30 AM. H1B Renewal. Still in AP Thanks !!! Susheel
  5. stanjavoor

    Wait Time for Passport Picking

    July 21st 09:30 AM Ottawa. Still waiting in AP
  6. Atleast Vancouver they started issuing visas and passports. In Ottawa, nothing is being done. It's in AP since 21st July. Anybody who had interview on 21st July still waiting for passport?
  7. Monday is a holiday in Canada. It's a long weekend here. So if you don't get any email tonight and if you don't get any luck in their respective consulates tomorrow then you have to wait until Tuesday. Good Luck
  8. Congrats Vancouver guys.. Anyone in Ottawa waiting for passport delivery?
  9. Hello, I and my wife are in same situation. We attended our interview on 21st July in Ottawa and no update since my interview. I contacted the embassy everyday and for different queries I asked there was a standard reply "We regret for the inconvenience and apologies for delays" but there is no ETA. People who got their status changed in CEAC, can you tell us on what approx time it changed to issued. Thanks, Susheel
  10. stanjavoor

    H1b visa stamping in Ottawa, Canada

    My appointment is on July 23rd 8 AM.
  11. Hello All, I have question about the Vendor and Client letters, who have attended their visa interviews posted that it is mandatory to take those letters on original letter heads. I'm a WFH contractor and the letters which i'm going to get is scanned copies only. My Client provides me scanned copy which come from their legal department. I tried to request them via mail but they told me they will not do it as there is a chance for alteration. So, my question is will there be any problem if i take the print outs of scanned copies for my visa interivew. Thanks in advance, Susheel.
  12. stanjavoor

    H1B amendment fee

    Yes, I changed a client and i amended my petition. It costed me around 1600$ as i did mine in premium processing. If you go for regular amendment it will be around 325$ + Attorney fees.
  13. I'm a WFH contractor for a X client and i'd like to attend for visa interview in the near future. I'm on EVC model. My LCA is generated to my home location as i will be working from home. So, what should i answer in Visa interview if VO ask me where i work from? My employer and my home county location is same. My LCA has only my home address in it. I'm confused what should i answer and will there be any problem attending visa interview for this kind of position. Thanks, stanjavoor.