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  1. Hello, My GC interview scheduled for 10/7 and I realized that my Driving license is now showing the current residential address, even though I updated the address in department of licensing records, but did not get a replacement card. Options I have - Go with what I have or apply for a replacement card now which shows current address, but I only receive the Card 5-7 days from now, which i s after the interview, but will get a temporary license which I can take print out and my current driving license will be void. Any suggestions? or am I thinking too much? 🙂 thanks for your time looking into my question.
  2. Hi, I485 was filed in Nov2018 and completed by GC interview in Oct 19 and waiting for GC. I want to change employer and unfortunately cannot wait for GC, as it might take time. Can I change employer give my current situation? thanks in advance, pk
  3. apk123

    EB3 GC Interview Completed

    hi Rajesh, Curious, what was the feedback from your interview? As per my knowledge, possible outcome from the interview: Approved - you will get GC card in sometime or wait for your dates to be current, RFE (Request for more evidence) or other?
  4. Hello Experts, Here is my situation: I have worked in US for 4 years and my visa expired in Sep-2013. My H1 was not revoked. Now, I would like explore opportunities in US and looking at options to come back to US. Based on my understanding so far, this is what I learned: Option1: Quota-exempt : I can claim reminder of 2 year term. But, I want to work in US beyond 2 years. Option 2: Fresh H1B (since, I stayed out of US for more than 1 year). But, challenge here is that I will be subject to the lottery (also, it is too late now for this option). With Option 1, I understand that initiating GC and clearing the first hurdle within 2 years, should help you extend visa by a 1 year. What are your suggestions/recommendations, given my situation. Appreciate your inputs. Regards, Deepu