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  1. Hi All, I've attended Interview today and My visa is Approved. Following is my experience. Interview time is @7:30. I went there by 7:10 am. After Security Check I went inside and One lady checked Passport and I-797 and Employer letter and told me to go to counter 6. At counter 6 they verified again documents and took finger prints and then asked me to join in a line for Interview. VO asked following following questions. Good Morning. How are you doing ? Who is your employer ? How long you been with your employer? Asked my employer letter ? What do you do for your company ? Who is your end client? what projects you are working on. Which university you graduated from and what's your major. ? VO didn't asked my any documents other than my Employer Letter. Just be confident every thing will be OK. Good Luck guys !
  2. Hi Skannasanam1/Rakee you can reach me @************@gmail.com.
  3. andycshi

    Paying Guest accomodation in Ottawa

    Hi Raja, I've visa appointment on 23rd February. Please share your email or phone number. Or you can send me email @**********@gmail.com Thanks Aravind
  4. andycshi

    Ottawa Room sharing - Feb 25th to Feb 28th

    Hi Nithin, I've an appointment on 23d. I booked room for 3 days in Econo Lodge. Share your information so that we can get in touch. you can reach me @***********@gmail.com Thanks Aravind
  5. It's opened yesterday. I booked my date on 23rd. Let me know if any one is going on same date.
  6. Hi, My Appointment date is feb 23rd. Is any going on 23rd ?