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  1. I will soon become a US citizen. My wife and kids had a green card but they have been living in India for more than 1 year and therefore their Green Card is invalid or expired. I now want to bring them back here in USA. If I now apply for spouse visa , how much time will it take for wife and kids to get green card and come here in USA ? What are the processing times for USCIS for the state of Ohio ? I live in Ohio. Please advise ?
  2. Gentlemen, My PD is 12-Feb-2007 in EB2. This became current in July's visa bulletin. Does anyone know how much time it usually takes after your PD is current to actually get the GC in mail ?
  3. I see that my status today got updated to "On May 26, 2011, we mailed the new card directly..." Hopefully, I will get it in the the next couple of days!
  4. Thanks Guys! I applied for my EAD renewal on 03/28 at Nebraska service center. Since my current AP is valid till August,I later applied for my AP renwal also on 4/27th. The AP status is still under "initial review" I hoped that I would get my AP on the EAD card but looks like that might not happen.
  5. I see that my case status for EAD renewal has been updated to Card/ Document Production. It says "On May 24, 2011, we ordered production of your new card." Does anyone know how much more time it will take for me to get the card delivered at my home?
  6. amitshar2

    EAD renewal time

    Thank you so much for the prompt response...Do I need to resign from the company if my current EAD has expired while I am still waiting for the new EAD or I can continue being employed but just go out on leave of absense(leave without pay) Please advise?
  7. amitshar2

    EAD renewal time

    I applied for my EAD renewal on 03/24 at Nebraska. My current EAD expires in 06/09....Does anyone has any idea how much time it is taking now a days for renewal? In case, I do not receive my EAD by 06/09, Is it legal to work ? I heard various opinions saying you can work till 180 days past the expiry..Can some one please confirm? I also heard that you will have to be on leave of absence (without pay) but still continue to be employed? Please advise what is a better option