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  1. abhishek278

    Question on Visa Stamping

    Technically yes. If you change an employer, you have to get a new visa stamp. However, I also know of instances where some people got away with the old visa and the new 797 at re- entry.
  2. abhishek278

    passport pick up after visa interview

    If your visa is approved, you can pick up the passport within 3 to 5 days.
  3. I had a successful H1b visa stamp in Mumbai last week. I got my passport and when I look at the stamped visa, the photograph on the visa is slightly over exposed. You can still tell that it's me, but the photo is lighter in contrast than the pictures in previous visas. The photograph used in my visa is the one that was taken at my OFC appointment. Should I check with the US embassy about reissuing a new visa with a better quality picture? To what extent do the PoE officers look at the visa picture? Experts and others please help? Thanks
  4. abhishek278

    Difference between Drop Box and IWP - india

    I had the same issue, and after talking to customer service, they agreed that the dropbox letter is misleading. I think for Dropbox there is no age restriction - any one can qualify for dropbox as long as you satisfy the criteria listed. For applicants above 80 and below 14, there are additional items. The difference between IWP Dropbox and IWP+OFC, is when your last visa was stamped. For the latter you have to go through finger printing, but for dropbox you don't have to since you probably have already undergone that if your visa stamped after November 2008. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi, I am scheduled to go for the Dropbox option for H1B stamping in Mumbai in late-December. I checked with ustraveldocs.com customer support, and unlike previous statements, anyone who meets the criteria for dropbox can choose to avail of that option, irrespective of the age. In other words, there is no age requirement of less than 14 or above 80 to choose the dropbox option, as long as you satisfy the other criteria. I wanted to check if any one has chosen the Dropbox option in Mumbai (or anywhere else in India) for H1B stamping, and how your experience was? Please share any thoughts/comments. Thanks
  6. abhishek278

    Interview Waiver Program for H visa holders

    Does anyone know if OFC appointment dates are available in Mumbai in the last week of December?
  7. abhishek278

    Interview Waiver Program for H visa holders

    Looks like the issue is back. I got the Dropbox confirmation letter but not able to schedule my OFC appointment. Any one still having this issue? How are you guys scheduling your oFC appointment?
  8. abhishek278

    Mumbai Appointment

    Has anyone had any luck in scheduling an appointment at the Mumbai consulate for December? Trying to schedule an appointment for the last week of December but no luck yet. What's the latest status of available dates? Please share any information.